My 4-ingredient gnat killer takes 60 seconds to make – just put it in a glass under tin foil & 'blook' it | The Sun

AN amateur pest controller has revealed her method for banishing her infuriating gnat population.

Her four-ingredient killer potion takes just 60 seconds to make and was, in her estimation, super-effective.

The constituent parts of her gnat-destroying brew were put into a glass.

Then she covered it with punctured tin foil and "blooked" it.

Sincerelyslickk (@sincerelyslickk) delivered her liquid solution with some urgency.

She was living in the Lone Star State and was experiencing some nasty gnats.

“It’s spring here in Texas, the gnats go crazy," she said.

Therefore, she needed a solution quickly.

“How to get rid of gnats in 60 seconds," she wrote, while reassuring others who were also inundated by the annoying bugs.

“Don’t be ashamed, it’s normal around this time of year. But they have got to go the f**k.”

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Grab a glass, she said, and add the following ingredients: apple cider vinegar, dishwashing liquid, and sugar.

Then into the mix, she added the fourth ingredient: some hot water fresh from the tap.

The foam should be nice and thick: “Perfect," she said.

Finally, she grabbed some aluminum foil and covered the top of the glass, and then, using a sharp object, she punched holes through the foil.

The glass was then ready to take on the gnat invaders.

To demonstrate just how effective her gnat killer was, she showed one from the previous night.

“Look how many are in there. I’m telling you, do this please," she urged her followers.

Commenters could vouch for its effectiveness.

“It definitely works, but keep the cup open. Works best," said one person.


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It was a similar reaction from this viewer: “This really works. I literally have one on my counter now. I leave it uncovered though, seems to catch more.

“Thanks for the tip. I did it and it worked," was the grateful response of another.

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