I tried the viral waist snatching swimsuit to see if it’s big boob friendly, I’m a fan but you might need to rearrange | The Sun

A REVIEWER of fuller-bust fashion has been raving about a viral waist-snatching swimsuit.

She tried it out to see if it was big-boob-friendly and was not disappointed.

Declaring herself a newly converted fan, she did have something constructive to add, however.

While she loved the swimsuit, there might be the need to rearrange.

But Maxine N (@itsmaxinen) could live with that, because the overall effect was a winner as far as she was concerned.

“Trying the viral TA3 swimsuit," she said in her post.

TA3 Swim makes "mega sculpting fashion," helping create their body-hugging look.

Their swimwear has certainly caught the attention of Maxine, who shares her love of "fuller bust fashion, lifestyle, and travel," on her TikTok.

“The lovely TA3 Swim sent me the viral Plungey swimsuit and it didn’t disappoint," she said.

The black number had a deep cleavage, and a tie detail at the back, allowing the customer to create their own level of snatch.

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“Their swimsuits are big boob friendly," said Maxine.

There was a proviso, however: "Although you might need to rearrange them occasionally."

You will be awarded for making the effort though, because this swimwear had "an amazing waist snatching effect."

It was irresistible: “Who doesn’t love a little waist snatching?” she said.

“Overall I’m a big fan. I recently wore it in Mexico and it was perfect.”

This item didn't have to be limited to just the beach or poolside, she wrote.

“It also doubles up as shapewear or a bodysuit if you’re feeling brave," she explained, wearing hers under a pair of jeans.

Commenters were certainly persuaded.

“Okay, snatched," agreed one person. While another said: "“Omg, love it.”

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