I got mum-shamed at the school gates for wearing a bodysuit… she told me to ‘get with the times’ but I know I looked fit | The Sun

A MUM has revealed how she was shamed at the school gates for wearing a bodysuit to pick her son up.

Francesca is a charity shop queen, and regularly takes to her social media pages to post her latest finds and bargain buys.

But her latest video had a different tone, after she got mum-shamed by a fellow parent for her outfit.

"Besties, I need your opinion on something," Francesca began her TikTok.

"I was picking my son up from school the other day and one of the mums came up to me and was like, 'No-one's really wearing stuff like that'."

She added that she was "wearing my Mooslover bodysuit with a shacket over the top and I'm sorry, but I looked fit!"

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The woman then told Francesca that "people are wearing flared fashion".

"I'm sorry are we 10 years old? Are you trying to bully me? Are you trying to bully me?" Francesca raged.

"This is why I don't speak to people – I keep myself to myself, I'm my own person and I do my own thing."

Several people requested to see the offending outfit on, which Francesca donned for another video.

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"I'm going to show you exactly what I was wearing when that mum was like, 'No-one's wearing that anymore'," she said.

"I'm wearing it!

"This Mooslover bodysuit which, I'm sorry, but I look banging in it, these platform Uggs and then I was wearing this 20p shacket that I got from the charity shop.

"So let's pretend I'm just walking in now to go and collect my son.

"Someone tell me what's wrong with this? Cos I ain't seeing it."

The majority of people were quick to reassure Francesca that her outfit was more than appropriate, and she looked amazing.

"Jealousy brings the worst out in people, you look amazing as always," one wrote.

"I never noticed what ppl are wearing and wouldn’t dare comment on anyone," another added.

"You look nice tho!"

"You look fab!" a third wrote.

"Who thinks it’s right to tell someone that!? Her poor child. And she’d have a field day with me!"

"Apparently no one is wearing skinny jeans but I am," another insisted.



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While someone else said: "Wouldn't dare walk up to another woman and given unsolicited 'fashion' advice.

"You look fab as always!"

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