Meghan Markle’s engagement ring is likely ‘no longer sustainable’, expert claims

Meghan Markle, 42, became engaged to Prince Harry in 2017, but she eventually redesigned the engagement ring in 2019.

A jewellery expert claimed that the Duchess of Sussex was not wearing her engagement ring for her recent birthday drinks because of this 2019 redesign.

Laura Taylor, an engagement ring specialist at Lorel Diamonds explained: “Meghan’s engagement ring originally featured a yellow gold band, but in 2019 this was replaced with a thin micro pave band.

“While the updated design is beautiful, micro pave bands often prioritise the number of diamonds over the strength of the ring, usually leading to a more fragile piece.

“For those considering a micro pave, we usually suggest that the ring is only worn occasionally and that extra care is taken.

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“This is because a slight knock to the ring can dislodge the diamonds and warp the band.

“Dirt can easily get trapped between the tiny diamonds and build up over time, so wearing it less frequently also helps to keep the ring in good condition.”

The jewellery expert reckons this is why Meghan didn’t wear her beautiful ring for her belated birthday drinks with two of her friends.

Ms Taylor added: “As Meghan wears her engagement ring daily, it is highly likely that she accidentally knocked the ring and lost some diamonds or damaged the band.

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“This type of damage requires the ring to be sent to a professional jeweller for repairs.

“As it is a more complex band, it can sometimes take a little longer when compared to standard engagement ring repairs.”

There are other potential reasons why Meghan could not be wearing her ring, and they’re simply “routine” according to Ms Taylor.

The jewellery expert continued: “It is also possible that she has sent the ring to a jeweller for a routine maintenance check.

“This is common practice and most jewellers will recommend that you do this every few years, annually if possible, to ensure that your ring is secure and looks its best.”

Meghan and Harry left the Royal Family in January 2020 and now live in the USA, which Ms Taylor claimed could further explain why the Duchess wishes to update her ring.

The jewellery expert suggested: “Given the upkeep and the fact that her lifestyle has changed since she redesigned the ring in 2019, Meghan may have realised that this type of band isn’t sustainable for her and has sent it to a jeweller for it to be replaced with a more suitable and durable band.

“Either way, the fixes shouldn’t take too long to complete, so we should see her wearing her engagement ring again very soon. Perhaps with a new design or an extra shine!”

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