I twerk, drink, & have fun with my baby on my chest – people said my life was over when I became a mom, it’s just begun | The Sun

A FUN-LOVING mom has shared her love of mom life by showcasing how she enjoys moments with her son.

Peopl said her life was over when she had a child, but dances, exercises and works out with her son strapped to her chest.

Michaela (@michaelanelms) is a young mom and proud of it.

She happily takes her one-year-old son almost everywhere, whether it's the gym or out with friends.

In a TiKTok video, she subtly clapped back at people who criticized her for having a baby.

When the video began, she walked in a parking lot with her son strapped to her front in a Walmart baby carrier and a drink in her hand.

"POV: Your life is over when you become a mom," the subtitle read.

Then, the visual jumped to show a few clips of her dropping it low, shaking her bottom, and moving her hips with a smile on her face.

The subtitle text also changed to read in bold letters: "Me as a mom."

The entire time her son was still securely strapped to her chest as she had fun with her friends.

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She also mentioned in the caption that "it's just begun" in reference to critics saying her life is over.

Viewers offered supportive comments and positive feedback under the video.

"I love how he’s almost half your size and you carry him like a superwoman! So cute!" a fan praised.

Jasmine replied: "Yess he is getting so big and still does not want to be put down lol."

Another agreed: "It’s not over it’s just beginning. I take my son with me everywhere. I love having my little bestie with me."

"I LOVEEEEEEE THIS. YOU TELL THEM," a TikTok user added.

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