I'm a 28J and still wear backless dresses – my four step boob tape application makes it super secure | The Sun

CORRECTLY applied boob tape can allow women with big boobs to wear backless dresses.

That's according to one TikTok user, whose four-step method has been applauded by her followers.

One commenter was moved to say: “Wow this is a lifesaver. I have to try this.”

Jen Warnes' (@itsjenwarnes) tips have opened up a whole avenue of outfit choices hitherto denied to big-breasted women.

Her trick means well-endowed women can still feel secure in their little black dresses.

Jen has a huge following of over 260,000 on her platform where she "reviews for small band large cup sizes.”

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But her boob tape post exploded, with 166,000 likes.

Many people might envy her generous chest measurement of 28J, but it can be exasperating when it comes to fashion choices.

Boob tape, however, could be the solution for some clothes items.

“The best bra for a backless dress is boob tape," she said. "It is the only thing I trust.”

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She wore a sparkling backless black mini dress, with a plunging cleavage.

Normally, a dress like this would be out of bounds for women with a body shape like hers.

First, she started with a clever tip: “I always mark with eyeliner the outline of the dress.

"That just helps us make sure that we stay within the lines and we don’t accidentally tape over so that the tape becomes on show."

Then she added the "essential nip covers."

Her next step was to measure out the boob tape.

“Peel up so that it’s half tape and half sticky. Half sticky goes underneath your chest," she instructed.

"And then you kind of peel the paper up at the same time as you are peeling this side."

Having taped up one boob, the difference was clear: "Already getting some lift," she said.

"Now just have to recreate on the other side. I got them pretty even, which sometimes is half the battle."

It was a trusted method as far as she was concerned.

“I have done it so many times and I’ m not worried about it going anywhere."

It took some practice, she figured, but the effort was worth it.

“It opens up so many different outfit options for us," wrote Jen.

Commenters were certainly impressed.



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“I think this is the first someone has shown how to use the product. This was so helpful," said one person.

While another liked one of her hacks: “The eyeliner alone was so clever.”

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