I’m an interior designer & I think people should go to jail for some home decor – pampas grass is a huge no-no | The Sun

PICKING the perfect decor for your home is easier said than done sometimes, but buying anything you like for the sake of it is a huge mistake, at least according to one interior designer.

Phoenix Grey took to TikTok to slam some popular home trends – and it's bad news if you succumbed to the pampas grass trend.

The interiors expert said the trends are so bad they give him the ick and people should be sent to jail for them.

First on his list of offences is pampas grass – the fluffy stems might've been all the rage not so long ago but it's always overdone, Phoenix said.

"I'm giving you a five year sentence for the pampas grass decor because I know you don't just have a couple of random ones, you have the entire corner of your room covered in these bushes," Phoenix slammed

"They're shedding all over your house just collecting dust," he added.



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And if you haven't taken the time to space out and balance your decor properly, chances are it's ruining your entire space.

Phoenix showed an example of a gallery wall with frames hung with uneven spacing between them to prove his point.

The same goes for "off-centre light fixtures," the pro added.

"It makes me go crazy," he said.

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Next on Phoenix's list of decor fails is crystal handles on doors and cupboards.

"In the early 2000s it was the highlight of the time," he explained, but if you still have them today you should be locked up for at least 10 years, he joked.

Another big no-no is adding a small "pop of colour" to the rooms in your home.

Even if your space looks a bit dull you shouldn't randomly pick any bright colour and buy a few accessories in it.

"No one needs a random set of bright yellow pillows that don't go with your living space, or a random turquoise chair that is a complete eyesore," Phoenix said.

After sharing the designs "icks" not everyone agreed with the pro's choices.

One said: "I have crystal knobs on my dresser but they're black so look quite good I think."

"Some of these were nice," a second quipped.

And another wrote: "Pampas grass lasted three days in my house. HUGE MESS."

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