I was left ‘looking like a duck’ after getting 2ml of filler in my mouth at once – they’re lumpy, but I’d do it again | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she was left ‘looking like a duck’ after getting 2ml of filler pumped into her pout at once.

Beauty fan Georgia explained that she has had lip filler before and was impressed, but then decided to go to a beautician that lived nearer to her house.

However, what she thought would be convenient, soon turned out to be a big mistake.

Not only did Georgia’s lips quickly become swollen and painful, but she claimed that she looked like a duck and thought her lips would split because of the pressure.

Sharing her beauty blunder on social media, Georgia wrote: “Swelling progress when a practitioner put 2ml in all at once.”

At the start of the clip, we saw Georgia’s pout straight after the appointment, at 3pm.

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She then shared a clip of her a few hours later, at 6pm. By this pout her lips had begun to grow in size.

At 9pm, Georgia was visibly upset and in pain with her pout, as she claimed she was “hurting.”

The next morning, she described the pain as “unbearable” as she explained that the “whole bottom half [was] swollen”.

Showing off her large lips, she simply said: “I look like a weirdo.”

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Georgia later added: “I’ve had great filler before. I just couldn’t be bothered to go back there. 

“Instead I went to one closest to me. I need to make better decisions.

“I didn’t know she was even gonna put that much in. I said 1ML and she got confused.

“I literally gasped when she showed me, I was like ‘that’s way too much’. 

“I knew something was up, it’s too much.

“It was so painful, I thought they were gonna split or something.”

Georgia then revealed that she thought she was having an allergic reaction after her pout made her look like a duck.

She added; “I thought I was allergic. 

“They better go down, my top lip looks like a duck.”

Georgia later gave social media users an update, as she wrote: “They’ve gone down now, they feel so lumpy.” 

Despite the mishap, Georgia claimed that she would still get lip filler again.

She revealed: “My swelling is going down, I’m almost glad she put in 2ML and [I’ll] just get another ML put in in a month or so to build it up.

“I might get another 0.5ml next time just for a top up [because] they’ve gone back to normal size now.” 

However, later on, Georgia then changed her mind and wrote: “I’m never gonna get filler again.”

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @gxgxlynx, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed a staggering 236,500 views. 

Social media users were stunned at Georgia’s mishap and were eager to express this in the comments.

One person said: “Omgggg noooooo.” 

Another added: “Anti histamine & ice ASAP.” 

A third commented: “She shouldn’t [have]  put that much in.” 

Whilst someone else wrote: “Whoever put 2ml in, sue them.”

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At the same time, another beauty fan chimed in: “How can a practitioner allow 2ML at once, disgraceful and unprofessional.” 

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