Mother-of-five reveals her simple hack for getting rid of fruit flies

Mom-of-five goes viral after revealing genius FREE hack for getting rid of FRUIT FLIES once and for all – all you need is a pot of water

  • Majda Medved, 35, deep cleaned her home and still couldn’t get rid of the flies
  • The Ohio native’s solution was pouring boiling water down all the drains 
  • Her helpful hack has gained over 7,600,000 views and 876,800 likes on TikTok

A mom-of-five has gone viral after sharing her free hack for getting rid of fruit flies from your home for good.

Majda Medved, from Ohio, has been persistent in attempting to get rid of the pests infesting her home and has tried multiple home remedies and store-bought solutions, all to no avail.

Even deep cleaning her whole house couldn’t rid her of the insects so she turned to the internet in the hopes of finding a solution.

Finding a miracle hack, the 35-year-old took to TikTok to share the idea with others and quickly gained more than 7.6 million views.

A mom-of-five has gone viral after sharing her free hack to getting rid of flies from your home for good. Majda Medved, from Ohio, poured boiling water down all her home’s drains

‘It started with a few flies and before I knew it they were multiplying like crazy,’ the stay-at-home mom said. 

‘I tried a few different traps but my favorite way was just by pouring a little bit of wine into a cup or bowl, covering it with saran wrap and poking a few holes on top.

‘However, it will only eliminate the adult flies. Fruit flies love laying eggs in your drains and can survive in running water.

‘When they become adults they fly out of the drains and into your space.

‘They’ll just keep multiplying and you’ll always have fruit flies,’ she said.

Getting desperate, she began researching fruit flies, trying to figure out how to destroy the eggs.

‘I eventually realized that I have to get rid of the eggs… not just the adult flies so I started pouring boiling water down my kitchen sink,’ Majda said.

‘The next day I still had fruit flies so I decided to pour boiling water down every drain in my house because I figured maybe all the pipes were connected.

‘I boiled a large pot of water and poured a little down every sink in my house. I did this three times a day (morning, afternoon, night) and after two days they were completely gone.’

Finally free of the pesky bugs thanks to boiling water, Majda rushed to TikTok to help others plagued by the flies.

Sharing the clip, she has garnered more than 876,800 likes and thousands of comments.

Finding a miracle hack, she took to TikTok to share the idea with others and quickly gaining more than 7.6 million views, 876,800 likes and 99,100 saves

‘My phone HAS to be listening to me because my house is currently infested with fruit flies,’ one person wrote.

Another added: ‘Omg I have fruit flies too and I was wondering why they won’t go away thank you!!!’ 

‘I’m glad I didn’t get rid of the spider in my room because it caught almost all of them in its web,’ someone else said.

‘I just boiled water down my drains today and set out some apple cider vinegar traps. How does TikTok know?!’ a fourth person commented. 

One comment added: ‘You are a lifesaver omg.’ 

Majda posted a follow-up video to ‘address’ the top questions that she was getting in her comments after posting her clip.

Someone commented that she’s not killing fruit flies, but rather drain flies.  

‘With a simple Google search you, yourself can find out that fruit flies can in fact lay eggs in your drains,’ she responded. 

Majda inspected the flies that she’s caught in her trap and compared them with pictures of both fruit and drain flies, and confirmed that she labeled them correctly. 

A second person asked: ‘Why don’t you just use bleach?’

The mom said she didn’t ‘really like using bleach unless she has to’ since it gave off gas and she didn’t want her kids ‘breathing that in.’ 

She used to pour ‘a little bit of wine into a cup or bowl, covering it with saran wrap and poking a few holes on top,’ but it only got rid of the adult flies. Her hack gets rid of all of the fruit flies

The mother-of-five has gotten the suggestion to pour down bleach which gives a faster result, but she doesn’t want her family breathing in the toxic chemicals

A third person suggested using Draino or pouring vinegar down instead.

She admitted that she tried pouring vinegar but the fruit flies were still appearing, and she didn’t want to waste any more product. 

One person told her ‘that the pipes are not connected.’ 

Majda responded saying that she never claimed to be a plumber, before explaining that she had previously experimented with pouring the boiling water down the kitchen sink and no other, however that didn’t work. 

After pouring down the boiling water in all the pipes, she concluded they were connected because she was finally able to get rid of fruit flies. 

Another person commented: ‘Don’t pour boiling water down your pipes cause they’re PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and it will melt.’

But, Majda insists she has never had an issue with boiling water in her sinks, noting that, as a mother of kids who love noodles she typically pours down boiling water into the drain ‘at least three times a week for 15 years.’ She stated that she’s never had her pipes melt. 

She admitted that the boiling water ‘could crack’ the porcelain sink and bathtub in the restroom, but noted that she pours it down carefully and directly. 

A fourth person commented on the fruit that she leaves outside that may be inviting for the flies.

‘It’s my house and I’ve been leaving my fruit out for 15 years. I’ve never had this bad of an issue with fruit flies and I’m gonna continue to leave my fruit out,’ she responded.

She confessed that she doesn’t have ‘enough space’ in her fridge and argued that ‘some need to be left out in room temperature.’

In her caption she wrote: ‘Cannot believe how many people were bothered’ by her leaving her fruit outside.  

Majda usually washes her produce in vinegar and water, but she ‘doesn’t always get around to it right away.’ 

She believes that may be how she ‘brought fruit flies in this time.’

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