What your coffee order says about you… and why a mocha makes people’s heads turn | The Sun

HAVE you ever wondered what your coffee choice says about you?

Whether you prefer an espresso, a mocha or a cappuccino, researchers have discovered there's actually a tonne of meaning behind your regular drink choice.

A poll of 2,000 coffee lovers was commissioned by iconic coffee and donut brand DUNKIN’ UK, and research showed that those who think they're sexy are likely to grab a mocha in the morning.

In fact, 20% of those surveyed said they enjoy a mocha – a coffee and chocolate mix – and are most likely to think of themselves as having sex appeal.

Those who opt for a double espresso are most likely to describe themselves as well travelled (40%), well read (39%) or as having a university degree (31%).

If you're a lover of a flavoured coffee – like a hazelnut or caramel latte – you're probably the funniest of your friends.

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An incredible 40% of flavoured drink fans described themselves as hilarious, according to the study.

While if your go-to coffee is iced, you're likely to be the "life and soul of the party" (12%), or "good lovers".

Straight talkers are usually white americano drinkers, while those who favour a latte tend to be people pleasers.

"Coffee is a crucial part of so many of our daily routines, so it’s fascinating to see what our order subconsciously says about our personalities and interests," a licensee of DUNKIN UK who commissioned the poll, said of the study.

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"Our blend of 100 percent arabica beans is part of our commitment to offering quality coffee at a great price, so whether you’re a well-travelled espresso drinker or trustworthy flat-white lover, DUNKIN’ UK has big flavour in every cup."

The study also found that latte is the most popular coffee among Brits (23%), followed by the cappuccino (20%) and americano (13%).

The first cup of coffee of the day is the best, 69% of those surveyed agreed, with 55% of people saying they're too tired to function before having a hit of caffeine.

DUNKIN'UK conducted the research ahead of a major expasnion into London, with new stores in the capital opening from September onwards – including its new UK flagship on Wardour Street, Soho.

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