‘Time traveller from 2671’ claims global power outage ‘will spark real Purge’

A mysterious social media user claiming to be a "time traveller from 2671" has claimed a real-life "Purge" will take place in October this year following a global power outage.

Eno Alaric, who is also known as @theradianttimetraveller, has gained more than 26,000 followers for posting warnings about supposed future events.

The creator has previously made warnings about twin planets with Earth, alien visitors and even portals opening to other dimensions.

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But now, the self-professed time-warper has claimed to have a list of catastrophic events coming in October this year – as they warn it will be a month that "makes history".

In the video, which has gained more than 2,200 likes, Alaric explained: "ATTENTION! Yes, I am a real time traveller, these are the major events to come in October 2023.

"October is considered one of the most impactful months in history, due to many of these events.

"October 3: An alien ship falls to Earth during a large meteor shower, containing hostile species. This alien escapes the pod as soon as it lands and begins to wreak havoc on large cities.

"October 7: The James Webb Telescope sees a giant space creature eating stars. It will come to our solar system and eat the Sun next, and it could eliminate all life near it.

"October 15: A human-like species is discovered inside of Mount Everest, with an entire civilization. They have telepathic abilities and want to control humans, they'll do anything for power.

"October 29: A very powerful solar flare hits Earth, causing a global power outage. No machines work, and it turns into the "Purge" for weeks, crime increases 12,000%, is very hard to get under control."

TikTok viewers took to the comments to debate over whether the warning could become a reality or not.

One user wrote: "Halloween this year is going to be a doozie."

Another argued: "No time traveller prediction has ever come true."

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A third commented: "Thank you !!!!!"

"You have quite the imagination," a fourth added.

However, Eno Alaric isn't the only supposed "time traveller" to claim there will be a "Purge" this year.

Last year, the TikTok user @timevoyaging, claimed 2023 would bring the discovery of T-rex eggs and dragons to a worldwide "purge".

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