I live in a van on my mate's driveway – it's so cheap and I don’t have a heater but swear by three ways I stay warm | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she lives in a van on her friend’s driveway and swears by three super simple ways to stay warm.

So if you are reluctant to turn on your heating this winter, and are looking for really simple and free tips to keep cosy, you’ve come to the right place.

Franky Morgan explained that she doesn’t have a heater in her van because it’ll take up too much space, so she swears by layering up in order to battle the cold weather.

Sharing her tips on social media, Franky responded to a comment that read: “Love it, are you gonna struggle in winter doing this?”

In response, the brunette beauty explained: “Thanks for the concern guys, I'm toasty warm atm!! But we haven't hit winter yet so who knows.”

She then filmed herself lying in bed as she said: “I live in my van on my friend's driveway and everyone's so concerned about how I stay warm because I don't have a heater.

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“I do have insulation but it's not the best.”

Franky then shared the first way she stays warm in her van, as she revealed: “I usually sleep in a hoodie, a long sleeve top and socks, so that helps.”

She also layers up her bedding, as she added: “I've got loads of layers, so I've got a duvet, two blankets, a sleeping bag and then another blanket.”

Not only this, but she also claimed: “And I also sleep on top of a fleece blanket so that keeps me really warm.”

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Franky then revealed that she will look into getting a heater if the winter gets extremely cold, as she shared: “Thank you all for your concern. I'm absolutely fine. If I get really cold I will fit a diesel heater, but for now it's working.

“And I don't really wanna fit a diesel heater because I’ll have to drill a huge hole in my floor and this van's really small so it will take up a lot of space that I'm currently using for storage, because I need to give it a bit of room.

“Of course it's only November at the moment so it will get colder. So stay tuned, drop a follow, and see what happens when it starts to get colder. 

“I've heard some absolute horror stories from other people. 

“Some people said that they were stuck in the van because they couldn't get their van door to open in the morning because it was frozen shut.

“Praying that that doesn't happen to me.” 

The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @frankymorgann, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed 59,100 views. 

Social media users were eager to share their recommendations for how to keep warm in the winter, which many took to the comments to express. 

One person said: “Have you got plugs to have an electric blanket? Changed my life in my single glazing house.”

In response, Franky replied: “Only got USB sockets but it’s a good idea, have been debating getting proper plug sockets.” 

Another added: “If it gets bad you could buy a plug in heater. My dance studio uses them because it gets so cold.”

A third commented: “Hot water bottle works wonders.”

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While someone else wrote: “I’ve seen that candle heaters are quite good??” 

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