I love my natural mom bod – it's not perfect but I don't care, I won't bow to pressure to get work done | The Sun

A WOMAN has declared she is very happy with her natural mom body.

She even relishes her authentic body shape. It might be imperfect, she said, but she doesn't care.

What's more, this lady has no intention of bowing to any societal pressure to get work done.

Nor will there be any intervention or visits to expensive clinics for Jazz Reyes (@jreyes4490).

In her post, her mom body was on full display.

She wore high-waisted jeans, a purple bra top, and a tan leather jacket.

Her long caramel hair tumbled around her shoulders.

Jazz appeared confident and proud of her body shape.

“Society is always pressurizing women to alter our bodies to something unrealistic, just to please, just to fit in," she began.

“But I love my natural mom bod. It’s not perfect but it’s perfect for me and that’s all that matters.”

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Commenters loved her attitude.

“It’s perfect," said one person.

Another offered their view: “Ma’am I’d venture to say you don’t listen to society at all.”

“Totally agree with you," was the response of this woman.

But, as far as this person expressed their feelings in just one word: “Beautiful.”

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