I have lopsided yitties – most bras leave a gap on one side but I found a style that hugs both boobs perfectly | The Sun

A TRENDSETTER has sparked a rush to buy bras from Cuup after raving about how their styles flatter her uneven breasts.

She revealed the struggles that she has had when shopping for traditional lingerie from other stores. 

Caroline Sacks (@caro__beth) has garnered almost 57,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares her beauty regimen.

She took to the social media platform to share her favorite style of bra after being asked where she shopped.

Her followers had become curious in response to a video that she made saying that she wanted to find a community of women who were born with “really lopsided tits.”

She showed that her breasts were noticeably asymmetric even when wearing a top, before revealing how she created the illusion that they were the same size.

“Where are the lopsided yitty girls getting their bras?” Caroline said.

“With traditional bras, I always have a really big gap on one side.”

She held up a mesh bra over her top from Cuup as she explained why she preferred it to a regular padded bra.

“The mesh material just really hugs them without creating a gap and since one is bigger than the other I just tighten the strap on one side.

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“My bigger boob always needs more of a lift than the other one so this one is tied tighter,” she said while holding one side of her chest.

“But then they’re even.

“I still haven’t found something that I really love for a strapless so if you have a rec definitely let me know.

“But for every day this is pretty good.”

She revealed that mesh bras aren’t always comfortable, saying: “With the mesh though you’re gonna nip so you have to be down for a tasteful nip.

“Which I’m down for. I’ve not bought from any other brand in years.”

Over 9,500 people watched the video and it racked up hundreds of likes from women who were grateful for her advice. 

The plunge mesh bra from Cuup varies in price from $36.75 to $75, with sizes ranging from an A to an H cup.

It comes in a wide selection of colors including purple, white, red, and green.

Caroline’s TikTok followers admitted they were eager to try it for themselves after struggling to find styles that flatter their own body.

“You’re a genius,” one wrote. 

“Hardly a genius but a consumer to my core [laughing],” Caroline replied. 

According to Healthline, breast asymmetry is so common that it affects more than half of all women.

Reasons why a woman’s breast can change in size or volume include trauma, puberty, hormonal changes, and ovulation.

Another rare cause is a condition called juvenile hypertrophy of the breast, where one breast grows significantly larger than the other. This can be corrected with surgery.

Breast asymmetry is often no cause for concern however an annual mammogram to monitor breast health is essential for detecting early signs of cancer or abnormalities. 

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