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ONE of the most remote islands in the world has a population of just seven people but its residents claim they are never lonely.

The island of Stora Dimun is the smallest of 18 islands making up the archipelago of the Faroe Islands.

It was once home to many families from the 13th century onwards but it is just two who remain and call the island home.

They live in the same settlement on the island's only farm.

The island is accessible by sea, but only during clear and calm weather, although a helicopter provides travel three days a week.

Should you need to get on and off the island, then a special helicopter service will pick you up and drop you off on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

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The island's highest point is a staggering 1,295 foot and has an area of 1,02 square miles.

But for Eva, who is one of the island's seven members and lives with her family, she admits that she never feels lonely.

"I don't feel lonely here, no," she told Green Renaissance.

"I guess that's because I feel related to those who are here. The nature, the animals, the people.

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"I have it all around me."

Eva and her family make the majority of their money from the sheep on the island.

On Stora Dimun's official webpage, the family use "almost everything" from the sheep, with the most valuable part of the animal being its meat.

The sheep on Storma Dimun are "not among the largest on the Faroe Islands, but they are strong flavoured, very meat rich and very sought after."

Eva also reveals that they spend their time looking after the sheep in spring, the lambing season, before training them and the dogs in the summer.

In September, they begin with slaughtering the cattle, before moving onto the sheep halfway through the month.

Across a period of six weeks, between 400-450 sheep are slaughtered on the island on average.

But the residents of the island also make their money through tourism, with people often visiting the island during the summer months.

Primarily, they come on one-day boat trips, where Eva and her family typically walk down to the shore to welcome and guide them up onto the island, where they are served with refreshments.

There is only one path up, and the same one path down this island, and it can be dangerous to embark on this walk if you don't know where you are going.

And although Eva has claimed that she never feels lonely, she does admit that she enjoys meeting new people who come to the island.

She said: "One of the best things is that I meet so many good people."

And tourists can even stay on the island, with a brand new 60 metre-squared cottage up for grabs between mid-June to mid-August.

Throughout the rest of the year, one of the rooms in the cottage functions as a classroom for the two children that live on the island.

Regardless, it sleeps six to eight people and comes with a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with a shower.

The cottage also has satellite TV and WiFi internet.

On top of that, Eva and her family will offer a guided tour around the island.

However, it will cost you £117 for the house per night, along with fees for adults (£11) and children (£6).



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Elsewhere, the remote island of Tristan da Cunha off the coast of South Africa is also hope to a tiny population.

Similarly, a British man is the leader of a remote island in the middle of the ocean and claims it's the smallest country in the world.

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