Tourists on one of world’s most beautiful islands slammed for bad driving

Tourists have been called out for carrying an unusual item on motorbikes in this popular island destination.

Locals in Bali, Indonesia, have said numerous tourists are seen carrying suitcases on their rented motorbikes while visiting the island.

For those visiting the beautiful destination, motorbike is one of the main ways to get around, and also one of the cheapest.

But with some opting to rent out a bike for the whole week, locals have recalled seeing numerous tourists being “highly irresponsible” for transporting their luggage on small motorbikes.

Some other common violations that are witnessed are driving without a helmet, drink driving, driving without a driving licence or insurance, speeding, and ignoring traffic signs.

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Some tourists have even been seen carrying their suitcaises on the back of motorcycle taxis on main roads.

Those who have stayed in rural parts of Bali before will know that sometimes local guesthouse staff will carry suitcases from their guests’ taxis on the main road, through the one-way narrow alleyways to the accommodation.

While this is a little unsafe, it generally happens on small lanes where there is no other traffic, and only happens if the alley isn’t suitable for cars.

But some tourists are seen even attempting to wheel their suitcases along the main roads as the bike drives along.

In a recent video that went viral online, a blonde tourist could be seen on the back of a motorcyle wearing a bikini while carrying her suitcase in one hand and what appears to be a beer in the other.

Her driver, who is also a tourist that rented out the bike, is wearing a helmet but appears to have little control over the bike.

People slammed the couple for not asking a taxi to transport their luggage for them, calling their driving “irresponsible” and “dangerous”.

Other videos show more than one tourist piling onto the back of motorbikes, another violation that is commonly seen on the island.

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