Ukraine ‘nears significant breakthrough’ in counteroffensive push

Ukraine’s military says they conducted an operation in Crimea

Ukrainian troops are reportedly “nearing a significant breakthrough” as part of their major counteroffensive push to reclaim Russian-occupied territory in Vladimir Putin’s bloody war.

Kyiv’s troops are allegedly approaching Novoprokopivka as they storm through Russia’s defences across southern frontlines in Ukraine, according to Kyiv Post’s special correspondent Jay Jason Smart.

He tweeted, citing a Ukrainian army spokesperson: “Nearing a significant [Ukrainian] breakthrough.

“[Ukraine’s] army is advancing towards Novoprokopivka next to Robotyn.”

Smart added: “Additionally, [Russia] is suffering significant losses in this area of the front and are forced to redeploy troops from other places on an emergency basis.”

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On Friday, the Ukrainian General Staff said his forces achieved success close to the village of Novoprokopivka and further east near a small settlement called Ocheretuvate.

The General Staff warned Moscow that his units “are consolidating their positions, inflicting artillery fire on the identified enemy targets, and conducting counter-battery operations.”

Military bloggers say Novoprokopivka has recently come under heavy shelling from the Ukrainians, as has the Verbove area in a parallel attack to the east.

Ukrainian soldiers also liberated parts of Robotyne last week.

The area is seen as a tactically important location, just beyond the destructive stretch of Russia’s minefields.

It lies around 10km (six miles) south of the frontline town of Orikhiv in the Zaporizhzhia region on a vital path towards Tokmak, a road and rail hub occupied by Russia.

Its capture was a major milestone in the counteroffensive as Ukrainian troops attempt to drive south towards the Sea of Azov with the aim of splitting Russian occupying forces.

According to a Ukrainian commander, forces battling in the south believe they have managed to break through the most difficult line of Russian defences.



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The commander told Reuters: “We have passed the main roads that were mined. We are coming to those lines where we can go (forward).”

He later added: “We don’t stop here. Next we have Berdiansk, and then more. I made it clear to my fighters at once: our goal is not Robotyne, our goal is (the Sea of) Azov.”

Ukraine’s eagerly-anticipated counteroffensive has been underway for weeks and has focused on eastern and southern fronts.

Troops also liberated Urozhaine earlier this month in a move that could have had a major impact on Moscow’s forces in the country.


Urozhaine has been seen as an important supply line for the Kremlin’s soldiers in Ukraine. A US think-tank had previously claimed losing the settlement could be a huge blow to morale among the Russian forces.

A US official said last week that Ukrainian forces did not appear likely to be able to reach and retake Melitopol in their counteroffensive as they scramble to split Russian forces in the south.

But President Volodymyr Zelensky dismissed suggestions that his country’s troops were spread too thinly and repeated his belief that Kyiv would regain all Ukrainian territory that has been seized by Moscow.

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