Meet the cast of The Woman in The Wall – the BBC’s chilling new drama

Lorna Brady – Ruth Wilson

Lorna Brady had loving but strict Catholic parents and when she fell pregnant at 15 she was moved to the Kilkinure Convent where her child was taken from her.

Lorna now works as a seamstress and is haunted by not knowing what happened to her child.

Ruth Wilson MBE stars as Lorna and is best known for her role as Alice Morgan in Luther and Alison Lockhart in The Affair.

Ruth, 41, keeps her personal life private and is believed to be in a long-term relationship with an American writer.

Detective Sergeant Colman Akande – Daryl McCormack

Colman Akande is a Detective Sergeant in the Garda Síochána. He grew up well-liked and a promising GAA player; a Dublin lad through-and-through.

He’s confident and a natural detective. Though he’s always told himself that his past hasn’t affected him, there is a darkness in Colman that he is afraid to face.

Daryl McCormack, 30m stars as the Sergeant fresh from roles in Bad Sisters and Good Luck to You, Leo Grande.

He rose to fame in BBC drama Peaky Blinders as Isaiah Jesus.

Aidan Massey – Simon Delaney

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Aidan Massey is a Sergeant in the Garda Síochána and has worked in the Kilkinure Garda Station for over thirty years. Dry-witted, a pillar of the community.

He does what he can to keep the powder keg of Kilkinur’s past from exploding but the years have worn him down. Now, the only thing he wants is for everything to remain exactly as it is.

Simon Delaney, 52, from Dublin, Ireland, stars as Aidan and is known for appearances in RTÉ’s comedy-drama Bachelors Walk and CBS’ legal drama The Good Wife.

He is married to Lisa Muddiman and the pair have four children together.

Niamh – Philippa Dunne

Niamh is a local hairdresser and activist. She is the daughter of a Magdalene Laundry survivor and became involved in activism after getting justice for her mother.

She is Lorna’s closest friend in Kilkinure and right now she is eight months pregnant.

Irish actress Philippa Dunne is best known for her roles as Anne Flynn in Motherland and Geraldine Devlin in Derry Girls.

Amy Kane – Hilda Fay

Amy is a Magdalene Laundry survivor who has had a hard life. She can be funny, but she is also tough and filled with anger.

She doesn’t suffer fools gladly and finds ways to numb her pain. It’s known that Amy also had a baby in the convent but, like Lorna and many others, the child is absent from her life.

Hilda Fay, 50, was nominated for an IFTA for best supporting actress for her role in Whistleblower. She is married to Alan Vale.

Michael – Mark Huberman

Michael is a gentle and stable man with a lot of love to give and grew up in Kilkinure but he’s been living in Dublin for the last two decades.

He had a crush on Lorna as a teen and now back in his hometown for a wedding, he hopes to rekindle their romance.

Mark Huberman, 42, has previously appeared in Nightman, A Dark Song and The Ghosts of Monday.

Father Percy Sheehan – Michael O’Kelly

Percy is a man of God – pious, devout and strict. He’s devoted his life to the preservation of Catholic values and has recently won a highly-publicised award.

What few people know is the role he played the Kilkinure Convent’s dark past.

Michael O’Kelly plays the young priest and has previously starred in Kin and Taking Stock.

Young Lorna Brady – Abby Fitz

Lorna was an only child and felt the pressure of her parent’s love. She believes in God, but she also wants to have fun and be a normal teenager.

She’s also pregnant, and terrified about what will happen when her parents find out.

Abby Fitz has previously starred in The Cellar, which was her breakout role and Redepemtion.

The Woman in The Wall airs on Sunday on BBC One at 9pm.

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