Israeli army and elite force take out Hamas leader behind 2002 school attack

A top Hamas commander has been killed by Israel's Defense Forces and the elite assassination united known as Shin Bet.

Taysir Mubasher was a key member of the UK Government-categorised terrorist group. He was behind the 2002 attack on a school in Israel that saw five students and one soldier killed. He was, until today, the leader of Hamas's North Sector Battalion in Khan Younis, and had previously been the commander of the groups naval unit.

According to intelligence sources, he also made explosives used in an attack in 2004 that killed IDF soldier Roi Nissim after a tunnel under an outpost was blown up. He also played a part in the 2014 infiltration by the group from Gaza, which saw Israel launch Operation Protective Edge.

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No details on how he was killed have been made public yet, but an IDF spokesman said: “Mubasher has extensive experience in the military and as a commander, directing terror attacks, and he is considered close to Mohammed Deif, the commander of Hamas’ military wing.

“Hamas’ leaders are the driving force behind the terrorist organization’s countless attacks and brutality.

“Whether they are an active part of assault companies and commando terrorist forces or ministers, every Hamas leader is responsible for the murder of Israeli and Palestinian civilians, arming children and exploiting civilian and humanitarian areas for terrorist purposes.

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“As part of the IDF’s mission of defense, it must target and neutralize these leaders to maintain the safety of all civilians.”

The war, in its 19th day, is the deadliest of five Gaza wars for both sides. The Hamas-run Health Ministry said Wednesday that at least 6,546 Palestinians have been killed and 17,439 others wounded – although nobody, including the Associated Press, has been able to verify the figures given out by the terror organisation.

More than 1,400 people in Israel have been killed, according to Israeli officials, mostly civilians who died in the initial Hamas rampage. Israel’s military on Wednesday raised the number of remaining hostages in Gaza to 222 people, including foreigners believed captured by Hamas during the incursion. Four hostages have been released so far.

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