Interpol appeals for public help in identifying child’s body found in Germany

German officials have asked the public for help in identifying a boy, thought to be between the ages of five and six, whose bones were discovered in a river more than a year ago.

The body of a small child was discovered in the Bavarian region in May 2022.

International police organisation Interpol has taken the unprecedented step of making the case public in the hope of revealing the child’s name and casting light on the “suspicious circumstances” that led to his death.

It is the first time Interpol has publicly issued a “black notice” in order to gather information about an unknown body, particularly one of such a young child.

This programme builds on a major campaign called Operation Identify Me, which Interpol started in May. The initial investigation sought information concerning 22 women who were unidentified victims of unsolved killings in Europe.

Black notices associated with the campaign are typically distributed only within Interpol’s global network of law enforcement organisations.

In this case, however, Interpol has taken the extraordinary step of making the material available to the public.

On May 19, 2022, the young child’s body was discovered wrapped in foil in the Danube River and purposefully weighed down with a flagstone slab, according to Interpol.

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In addition to the black notice, it has provided a facial reconstruction of the child as part of their efforts to find out who they are.

Interpol told the BBC that it is “unusual for a child’s remains to remain unidentified for such an extended period,” leading them to believe he may have come from another nation.

The general public has been invited to contact German police if they have any relevant information.

Authorities have received almost 500 pieces of information on unidentified women who were victims of homicides in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany since the start of Operation Identify Me in May.

This flow of material includes prospective victim identities as well as promising leads about the women’s attire and jewellery.

An unresolved case concerning the murder of a woman in Amsterdam sparked this project. Her remains were discovered.

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