‘Gangster put £100k contract on my life – so I bought a shotgun aged 17’

A self-confessed hitman and drug dealer says he was the target of a £100,000 murder contract while he was just 17 – so bought a shotgun.

The attackers had identified Adam Muganzi through a picture on MySpace. He recalled: "I ended up getting rushed, I ended up getting stabbed… I didn’t see the person that stabbed me, I don’t even remember the people that rushed me.”

Someone “wanted him gone,” and had ordered a £100,000 contract on him. He still doesn’t know exactly who attacked him.

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“The beating took place first with bike helmets and the chains that you use to lock up motorbikes,” Adam told the Taboo Room podcast. “Then, as I was passed out, someone had one of those little samurai daggers that they have – that pieced through my stomach.”

He was rushed to hospital, and spent the next fortnight in a coma. “I remember waking up about two weeks later. I had tubes in my private parts and I remember having that tube down your throat that helps you breathe…and tubes in my arms.”

Doctors had to “unzip him” to trace the extent of the stab wound. He added: “So when I got out of hospital I said ‘That ain't happening. again’.”

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“After I got out of hospital, that sent me a bit off. Most of the time, if something traumatic happens to a person it either knocks their confidence and makes them go straight or it pushes them deeper in to the game.”

Adam spent in the region of £3,000 on a pump-action shotgun. But buying the gun just led to more trouble. He continued: “I went to a college and I ended up getting rushed again. I was with my girl at the time so I was embarrassed.

"I jumped on a bus, went home and got my gun and went back to the college. I saw one of the boys outside the college so I chased him. I caught the guy in the estate, and I split his head open with the shotgun."

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“Obviously I wasn't going to shoot him because it's right next to the college and the estate's got CCTV so he so he ran into the college pointing at me screaming ‘That guy over there, he’s got a gun!’.”

Adam stashed his gun, because he knew it would only be a matter of time before the police arrived and went into the college and “sat down like nothing’s happened”.

But then, a huge police armed response team arrived. “Trouble – I just can't stay away from it," he continued.

“They rushed into the college with their guns out – that’s what they do: scare tactics. They grabbed me and threw me over the table. I feel sorry for the students that were in there because they were traumatised. Most of them were from like one backgrounds they've never experienced anything like that the closest have been it to you know to that is on TV.”

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Adam managed to convince the officers that he hadn’t been carrying a shotgun, and had just been waving a piece of scaffolding pole. But from that moment on, he was on the police radar.

By his own admission, he was involved in gun crime at the time, and the inevitable police raid – with helicopters hovering overhead – soon came.

Adam said: "I ran downstairs, and the door flew open, I see shields, I see laser – I saw about seven beams on my chest. I’m just in my boxers.”

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Incredibly, the police didn’t find his gun or a stash of cocaine that he had hidden in his mum’s garden. But his luck didn’t hold out when it came to a second raid. Adam tried to throw his gun out of a window, only for it to hit a police officer that had been climbing up come scaffolding outside.

“First time I went to prison,” he said. “Age 18. Possession of a firearm.” Adam has ended up spending much his life behind bars, describing it as a “living nightmare.”

He continued: “They put 30 on you, 30 years in prison you’re going to be living a nightmare. If it's not your baby mums going off with someone else, she's cheating on you, she's sleeping for another man or some next man raising your kids – or your mum's passed away while you're in prison

“Or someone's broke into your house if it’s not that you're getting stabbed in prison…not just that your friends have moved on with their lives because you’ve been an example you have been the reason why they've changed their lives around now they've got jobs and they've got families courtesy of you and now you're sat in that cell.”

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