Meghan Markle’s ‘toe-curling’ microphone blunder set off ‘chain of mini-errors’

Controversial ex-royal Meghan Markle caused a “chain of mini-errors” after sparking an awkward and “toe-curling” moment during an awards ceremony.

The Duchess of Sussex, alongside husband Prince Harry, was attending a charity event organised by actor Kevin Costner. It was being held for his One805 charity, which supports emergency service crews in the United States.

It was held in Montecito, California, which is where the Duke and Duchess live. However, having both appeared on stage it looked as if Meghan thought she was going to be given a chance to shine as she put her hand out to take the microphone from a female host . . . but the woman walked off with it, leaving Meghan empty handed and looking embarrassed.

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And then Prince Harry suffered a similar fate when he was blanked after asking the woman to give his with the microphone. Analysing the awkward moment, body language expert Judi James told The Mirror: “Meghan seems to have got the choreography all wrong here, creating a medium-sized toe-curling moment that appears to set of a chain of mini-errors.

“Meghan manages to retain a gracious pose almost throughout until her smile drops right at the end, but Harry uses compensatory gestures to suggest levels of awkwardness. When Meghan walks onto the stage and a compère steps up with a mic, Meghan’s knee-jerk assumption seems to be that she is being invited to do a speech.

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“Meghan grabs the stem of the mic but the compère holds on and it is quickly clear that it wasn’t intended for Meghan.”

The pair were actually brought on stage to give the event host, Kevin Costner, an award to hand out – but even that went a bit wrong after the awkward moment. James added: “There’s no hugging from Costner, leaving Harry to perform an awkward-looking arm pat before returning to stand behind his wife.

“As Costner starts to talk into the mic Meghan’s hands drop and so does her smile.”

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