Big Brother’s Imogen Thomas shares biggest struggle and she ‘can’t believe it’

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    Imogen Thomas has opened up about her time in the Big Brother house 17 years ago.

    The 40-year-old former Miss Wales took part in the social experiment reality show in 2006 alongside the likes of series winner Pete Bennett, the late Nikki Grahame and fellow Welsh native Glyn Wise.

    She was evicted on Day 86 with a whopping 62 per cent of the public vote and went on to become a glamour model after catching the eye of viewers during her stint.

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    As fans watch the rebooted version of Big Brother, Imogen has opened up to Daily Star about her time in the house and what she struggled with the most. She explained: "When we were doing the tasks and we'd fail them, we'd fail. When they'd keep us up all night doing a task, that was probably the hardest part because the next day we wouldn't be able to sleep. You wouldn't have seen this on the TV but they'd put an alarm on to wake us up.

    "There's spotlights in there so you'd fall asleep and then you'd hear beep beep beep. So that affects your mood and how you are so I did struggle with that. I always struggled with missing my family. It was three months inside the house with no contact. Three months is a long time to have no contact with anyone. I can't believe I stayed in there for three months."

    The reality TV beauty has called for "evil" Big Brother to return as she believes the current batch of housemates are having it too easy at the moment. "We need an evil Big Brother. He needs to come in and be evil. It's how we're going to see true personalities and how we're going to see people explode.

    "That's what we want to see, we don't want to see a happy house. We want to see people go a little bit cray in there. I want some tough tasks. I did enjoy the first task. We need something dirty which would be great."

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    She continued: "The house is massive compared to ours, ours was tiny. The smaller the house, the more arguments there are. With this house they've got a little bit more room to move. They have an upstairs so it's definitely a lot bigger and also their shopping list is economy.

    "We had rations. We had rice and beans. There wasn't an economy list we could pick. They can pick a list which is economy, which come on? That's not good. They should be having a rations. If you fail, you fail and it should be 'This is what you living off for the next week and that's it'. Why should they be picking groceries from the economy section?"

    Imogen was speaking to Daily Star on behalf of Big Brother airs Sunday to Thursday on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm followed by Big Brother Late & Live at 10pm

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