TV and Internet: don’t choose, combine!

People say there is an ongoing competition between television and the Internet. Some still stick to the TV, the others insist it had been substituted by the latter. But there is a better solution that is called online TV. It creates the synergy between these two entertainment sources, multiplying their advantages.


Enjoy Polish TV online to the fullest

Internet TV offers a new level of quality of multimedia entertainment:

  • It is instant. It does not need any cables or satellite dishes to start running. It does not require any assistance from the technical staff, either.
  • It is convenient. You can watch Internet TV on any device including TV sets, personal computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • It is savvy. It does not need any commitments such as long-time contracts. You pay only for what you watch, and you can turn it off any time you like.

Those are only some reasons so many Poles around the globe choose Polish TV on the Internet. Along with the above-mentioned, PolBox.TV which is the celebrated provider of online TV also offers:

  • great quality of the media even in the areas with a slow Internet connection,
  • Parental lock for the content in the households with small children,
  • possibility to watch different channels on 4 devices at the same time with one IP,
  • round-the-clock tech support for their customers,
  • and Polish TV channels online free during the three days of the special trial period.

Watch Polish TV channels online free for the whole three days to appreciate the level of the service provided by PolBox.TV.


Watch Polish TV online free during a 3-day trial period

A picture is worth a thousand words. That is why we reward our customers with three days of Polish television online without any fee. In other words, they can enjoy our trial period with our best package to appreciate all kinds of TV online free Polish media:

  • watch Polish TV online free for three days (over 120 channels)
  • listen to the best radio stations in Poland,
  • dig into the library of 3,000+ movies translated into Polish.

Moreover, TV online free Polish channels become easily manageable with PolBox.TV because you can:

  • move the schedule,
  • use Archive for 14 days,
  • save to bookmarks.

With Polish TV channels online free trial period you get deep and intense experience of high-quality Internet TV anywhere you are and anytime you like. Unlimited, multifunctional and affordable television is only a couple of clicks away.