MAFS star says ‘life can’t go back to normal’ after show fame as she’s branded ‘gold digger’

Married At First Sight's Laura Vaughan has said her life will never be the same after being on the E4 show. The 34 year old, who was matched with tennis coach Arthur Poremba, was shocked when viewers criticised her friends who supported her on the show.

Laura, a finance manager from Hampshire, relied on her pals Cam and Lucia for advice as the show neared its end. Neither friend thought Arthur was right for Laura, who had suffered a painful divorce before joining the show.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: "I feel a little bit relieved now the show's finished." However, she also confessed that "life can not go back to normal" after gaining fame from the reality TV show.

Laura's friends were targeted by viewers following their tense meeting with Arthur during Laura's homestay. Arthur didn't impress them when he said he hadn't thought about life after the show because he likes to live day by day. Both Cam and Lucia were visibly upset. However, viewers accused them of being "judgemental" and "mean girls", as reported in the Mirror.

Laura said: "Just as I'd won the majority of the public over, then the episode with my friends came out and it just felt like I was constantly in fight or flight mode. I said at the time, this isn't fair, these girls came on to do this for me as a favour. They didn't want to be part of production. They've not had TV careers themselves or anything like that. They've come on to be a good friend and help me out and they're getting absolutely crucified for it. That was difficult for me to sit and watch and I felt such a huge amount of responsibility for them, and the only thing I could say to them at the time was it will be old news in a couple of days."

While on the show, Laura was called a golddigger by Luke Worley and others said she was patronising and trying to change Arthur into her perfect "Chelsea Boy."

Laura watched all the episodes but couldn't bring herself to watch the dinner party at the retreat where some husbands, pushed by Georges Berthonneau and Luke, spoke badly about her.

She shared with the publication: "That was the hardest day. I didn't know what the boys had said about me at the couple's retreat day because I was with the girls. But I'd met up with Arthur at the end of the day. It was like half 11 at night, and the last thing you want to be doing is talking about all the nasty things that have been said about you, and I think that was probably one of the episodes where I was at the point of the experiment where I was just really drained and I think you can see it on my face."

She continued: "I was feeling very deflated, and I just did feel like I'd lost myself in trying to show people who I was and it was just being thrown back. I actually didn't watch that episode live, and I turned my phone off that day, because I just didn't want to deal with whatever was going to be said about me. But when I turned it back on in the morning, I was overwhelmed with the amount of support I had from women saying it just seems like it was such an attack out of the blue. So It's been hard because I was obviously central to some of the fallouts of the show but I never came for anyone's character."

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