MAFS fans urge new groom Sean to ‘run’ after being matched with ‘nightmare’ husband

As week four of Married at First Sight got underway this week, viewers at home were introduced to a new pair of lovelorn singles who were hoping to find the match of their dreams with a little help from the show’s experts.

Thirty one year old Sean from Durham was paired up with 36 year old Mark from London on Tuesday's episode, 17 September, but during their introductory segments it was clear that there was a very distinctive difference in personalities between the two, with highly strung groom Mark even admitting his mum still did all his cooking and cleaning, despite his age.

Ahead of saying I do, Mark had reeled off a long list of icks that would ruin his big day, which included the groom wearing a black suit – before proceeding to throw a tantrum himself and refusing to walk down the aisle after the wrong shirt had been delivered, meaning he couldn’t wear his skull cufflinks.

It was this refusal that initially delayed the wedding from taking place, despite all of the guests and the groom waiting ready to see the pair exchange their all important vows – however, Mark did eventually appear, only to express his disdain at being paired with someone like Sean.

Despite his reservations, Mark did still manage to say the all important “I do”, but it wasn’t long before cracks began to form in the fledgling relationship, as Mark brutally told the cameras at his reception: “This is not what I wanted, I just feel disappointment.”

To make matters worse, the couple already kickstarted their relationship on a lie, when Mark told Sean he was ten years younger than his actual age, by declaring he was 26!

Fans tuning in at home could hardly believe what they were witnessing, with several taking to social media to urge Sean to run, rather than suffer Mark’s evidently demanding ways.

“Spoilt horrible t**t. Sean should run now, he's just gonna be that horrid g**s personal slave!” Wrote one fan.

A second viewer also agreed as they added: “Is Mark alright ?! This is not diva behaviour it’s more insanity if you ask me.”

Before a third fan weighed in and commented: “Poor Sean, he seems like a lovely, genuine lad and he’s matched to someone beyond shallow. Mark appears to be as deep as a puddle.”

A fourth viewer then echoed the sentiment as they commented: “Not sure why Mark thinks he’s so wonderful. Run, Sean, Run!!”

Before a fifth fan concluded: “Sean run for your life mate he's a nightmare!”

Married at First Sight continues Monday to Thursday at 9pm on E4 and 4OD

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