EastEnders Stacey’s downfall ‘sealed’ as fans spot huge clue after Theo attack

EastEnders fans reckon they've worked out what could spell the end for Stacey Slater – after they spotted an epic blunder.

As viewers will know, the soap alum has been terrorised and stalked by Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) for months. In recent episodes, the stalker ramped things up and continued his horrific behaviour.

After breaking into Stacey’s (Lacey Turner) home, he then attempted to rape her. However Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) burst in and beat Theo with an iron and lashed out in defence of her – leaving the bad guy bleeding and unconscious.

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With the help of Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) the trio then came up with a plan that involved making Freddie’s attack look more like self defence by planting a weapon on Theo’s body. Stacey grabbed some gloves and rushed off to her stalker’s car.

While rummaging through his vehicle, Stacey was disgusted to find a pair of her underwear as well as other belongings of hers in the dashboard. She eventually found a wrench and placed the weapon next to Theo’s body.

After calling the ambulance, the cops swiftly arrived. But despite the attempts to make him look innocent, Freddie was arrested for attempted murder.

And now, fans are fearing the worst for Stacey after they claimed Stacey’s DNA will be all over Theo’s car. Others spotted how she left his car unlocked – which all could be used as evidence against her.

Over on X, formerly known as Twitter, one fan mused: “I noticed that Stacey didn’t lock Theo’s car afterwards and I’m really scared that’s going to jeopardise things for them all somehow.” Someone else added: “A pair of gloves won’t do it. Stacey’s DNA is all over that car with her hair dangling everywhere.”

A third chimed in and said: “Stacey needs to be careful. The police might ask for witnesses following Theo’s assault. Remember Anna and Bobby saw Stacey before she entered the house. Theo’s car will also be checked for forensics. A piece of Stacey’s hair could be in the boot of the car.”

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Another viewer penned: “Do they watch CSI? They're leaving DNA, fibres, AND taking long & panicking!”

A fourth echoed their thoughts and commented: “So what next? Stacey takes the fall for Freddie? If she says she'd attacked Theo, possibly even killed him it's totally gona be self-defence right? Like with Whit & Lee? Gona be some evidence of damage to the door. Her clothes must have his DNA from where he grabbed.”

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