Homes Under the Hammer horrors: From ‘dead body’ to 39 cats locked in a room

Homes Under the Hammer star Martin Roberts has shared some behind-the-scenes secrets he's seen on the show including some genuinely horrible discoveries.

The TV star even has one strict rule he stands by when filming the BBC One show, which is "never, ever, ever look in the fridge" – a key tip he has picked up in the 20 years he's spent as the main host of the daytime show.

Martin has travelled up and down the country during his stint on the property programme, inspecting over 2,000 properties snapped up at auction, but there have been a number of shocking scenes over the years, too.

In a conversation with The Sun, Martin has shared his strangest finds when filming Homes Under The Hammer including a property where the owner kept 39 cats in one room for ten years and never letting them out.

With the variety of properties being put up for sale, it's not surprising that there have been some strange finds. Properties hitting the auction room include a former ambulance station, astrology shop, water tower, and working men's club.

There was even one time the crew were mortified after thinking they had found a "dead body". Martin explained that the director went into the house and saw a person lying underneath a white sheet, but they breathed a sigh of relief after hearing the body snoring.

Martin said: "There had been complications with the completion of the sale and on the morning we arrived to do our filming the family had left in such a rush they’d forgotten to take grandad with them."

There have been 1,475 episodes made of the iconic BBC show, with Martin appearing in more than 1,000 of them. On a couple of occasions, Martin admitted that they have fled the house after feeling like there was a "ghost" inside the property.

In one instance, a falling bulb led to a spooky experience for the team. Martin explained: "We were interviewing in a bedroom and halfway through a light bulb fell out of the ceiling socket. But instead of landing where gravity should have taken it, the bulb fell down in an arc.

"The estate agent told us afterwards that the previous owner had died in the room we had been in and he had been paranoid about intruders, which is why he had all the security cameras. The dead man really didn’t like us being there. And he told us."

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