Gogglebox’s Shirley eyeing up plastic surgery as Dave recalls holiday romp

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    Gogglebox star Shirley Griffiths has revealed she is “seriously thinking” about getting a boob job after admitting her assets had “gone south”.

    The 67-year-old, who appears on the hit Channel 4 show alongside her husband Dave, said she was eyeing up a breast lift to pull her boobs up a bit after noticing she’d suffered from some sagging over the years.

    "Thing is when you get older it all goes whichever way don't it," Shirley told Dave on the first episode of the new series on Friday night (September 8).

    A baffled Dave asked: "What?"

    "Well your bl**dy boobs hang down," Shirley continued. "That's why I'm seriously thinking of having a boob lift now."

    Dave insisted that his wife's assets were fine as they were, telling her: "They're not bad!".

    But he was quickly left gutted after Shirley didn't remember an afternoon of passion between them on holiday, especially as it seemed to be such a fond memory for him.

    "They are!" Shirley insisted. "When was the last time you seen my boobs then?"

    Dave was quick to remind her that it happened not too long ago on holiday after when they “went up from the beach a bit early”.

    He went on to say the “afternoon delight” made him feel like “a million dollars.”

    He proclaimed with a huge grin: "I don't know if you can recall Shirley. I went downstairs feeling like a million dollars… nice one Dave. Fantastic."

    But Shirley killed the mood slightly saying she had no recollection of the tryst.

    “I can’t remember,” as she burst out laughing, to which Dave replied: “Don’t say that!” and griped that he clearly hadn’t made much of an impression on her.

    Fans online were in stitches and couldn't help praising the couple, calling them “brilliant” and “genuine”.

    “Dave felt like a million dollars after his afternoon delight but Shirley can’t remember it! Bl**dy brilliant,” said one fan.

    “Dave and Shirley they are brilliant #Gogglebox,” penned a second.

    A third added: “Shirley & Dave, lovely genuine couple.”

    Another simply gushed “I've decided Dave and Shirley from Gogglebox are my favourite people on the planet.”

    The couple from Caerphilly have been on the show since 2015 and recently enjoyed some time away in the Spanish sun.

    The pair, who regularly keep their 180k followers up to date on Instagram, shared a selfie from their getaway and captioned it: "Happy holidays everyone cheers."

    They were quickly inundated with comments as one wrote: "Loves you both so much such a genuine couple makes me proud to be Welsh," while another added: "Cheers you two, happy holidays."

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