Celebrity baubles for your tree are the latest Christmas trend – but can you recognise the stars in our quiz? | The Sun

ONCE Christmas meant having a fairy on the tree and a bunch of C-list “stars” on the telly – but now it seems the celebs have spread from the screen to the tree branches too, in the form of baubles.

Stores are full of trinkety tributes to pop stars, television characters, actors and even royalty amid the more traditional decorations on sale.

But while some are recognisable instantly, others may leave you baffled . . .  and 20 quid worse off. Abby McHale invites you to play Guess The Celebri-tree – answers below.


  • 1. Elton John, £27, Fenwick;
  • 2. Amy Winehouse, £22, Rockett St George;
  • 3. Adele, £22, Rockett St George;
  • 4. Donald Trump, £18, Christmas Loft;
  • 5.Queen Elizabeth, £19, The Christmas Imaginarium;
  • 6.Diana Ross, £18, Christmas Loft;
  • 7. Donatella Versace, £28, Selfridges;
  • 8. Madonna, £19, Christmas Loft;
  • 9.Taylor Swift, £25, Fenwick;
  • 10. Cardi B , £18.25, Christmas Loft;
  • 11.George Michael, £22, Rockett St George.

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