BBC EastEnders major twist sees huge villain return seven years after soap axe

BBC EastEnders is set to shock viewers with a major twist as a big baddie returns, seven years after being written out of the soap.

Linda Carter (Kellie Bright), who's been struggling since her ex-husband Mick's disappearance, has planned a special Halloween celebration in his memory.

In what promises to be one of the most dramatic storylines since Mick (Danny Dyer) was presumed drowned last Christmas, Dean Wicks, played by Matt Di Angelo, makes a surprise return.

As Linda tucks her son Ollie into bed and heads to the kitchen, she comes face-to-face with Dean – the man who assaulted her nine years ago.

Matt Di Angelo, now 36, was last seen in Walford seven years ago. The burning question on everyone's lips is whether Dean could be the body found in the Queen Vic on Christmas Day?

Fans have been speculating about Dean's return for weeks, as EastEnders bosses dropped hints about his character's comeback. Some eagle-eyed viewers even thought they spotted a man resembling Matt's character in the background of a teaser video, which is now private.

Aaliyah James, who plays Avani in EastEnders, gave fans a sneak peek of the Christmas storyline on TikTok. The video showed a tribute to the late Lola at the Queen Vic bar, but it was a mystery man in the background that got fans talking.

When Dean's dark past was revealed, Mick and his mum Shirley wanted nothing to do with him. But now, it seems Shirley has decided to let bygones be bygones.

After losing Mick, Shirley stayed with her daughter Carly. However, a photo sent to Linda revealed that Dean was also there. Linda spotted Dean's reflection in a mirror in the photo, which left her in tears.

This explains why she's been acting differently. Kathy Beale, another victim of Dean's, reassured Linda that the Albert Square residents would protect her. Fans are now convinced a showdown is imminent.

As soon as fans realised Linda was one of the six women involved in the Christmas Day murder plot, they started speculating about Dean's return.

It would be a fitting twist if Dean was found dead in the pub where he had previously attacked her. Linda has been battling with the aftermath of her attack and viewers saw that she even turned to alcohol to cope with her unresolved issues.

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