ITV Emmerdale legend set for huge TV comeback 4 years after being sacked over court battle

Emmerdale legend Mark Jordan, who played Daz Spencer on the soap from 2014 to 2019, is making a big TV comeback.

The actor was sacked from Emmerdale in late 2019 after being accused of assaulting a pensioner, but he was found not guilty.

Mark has been focusing on his stage career since leaving Emmerdale, but now he's returning to TV with a role in the new ITV thriller The Long Shadow.

The drama tells the story of serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, and Mark will play a character named Ray Wood. His first episode is due to air this month.

Mark, known for his roles in Emmerdale and Heartbeat, was accused of assaulting an elderly man during his engagement party to Laura Norton, his wife and former Emmerdale co-star, in July 2018.

After the allegations, Mark's character was removed from Emmerdale by the bosses and he last appeared on the show in 2019.

Apart from Emmerdale, Mark is also famous for playing PC Phil Bellamy in ITV's Heartbeat. He starred in over 320 episodes of the popular series from 1992 to 2007.

Now, Mark is preparing to return to TV in The Long Shadow, alongside a star-studded cast.

Katherine Kelly, who also stars in the ITV series, recently defended the show after it was criticised for exploiting the suffering of Peter Sutcliffe's victims and their families.

Carl Sutcliffe, the younger brother of the Yorkshire Ripper, accused ITV bosses of reopening old wounds, which he said was unfair to those involved, including his own family.

He demanded that The Long Shadow be the last programme ever made about his notorious serial killer brother, arguing that revisiting his crimes affects many people.

However, former Corrie star Katherine, 43, says the killer's role in the show is minimal.

Katherine, who plays Emily Jackson in the true crime drama, shared with Bella Magazine: "I hope that viewers feel that it's been made with sensitivity and integrity. Peter Sutcliffe was caught just after my first birthday, so it's not in my living memory, but it is of my parents and the generations before them."

"Everyone of a certain age from that part of the world has a Peter Sutcliffe story. He left a scar on the landscape of the community. The role of him in our drama is very small. It's not about him it's about the fact that they didn't know who he was."

The chilling eight-part series, which also features Toby Jones, David Morrissey and Daniel Mays, has captivated viewers in recent weeks.

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