‘The Nun II’ Director Made the Sequel Even Gorier After Test Screenings: ‘People Wanted More Violence’

Michael Chaves, the director behind “The Nun 2,” revealed in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly that he made the film even gorier after a test screening proved that audiences craved a higher level of violence.

“People wanted more violence,” Chaves said. “There was already a good degree of violence and gore in the movie, but people wanted more of it.”

The film, which had its theatrical release on Sept. 8, follows Sister Irene (Taissa Fargima) as she faces supernatural forces following the murder of a priest in 1956 France. Chaves explained how the crew behind the film, which is a part of the long-running “The Conjuring” franchise, put in extra work to increase the carnage.

“So, we did a little bit of additional photography and we ramped that up. It just goes to show how audiences are always changing, evolving. Even in the earliest version, it was more [violent] than what was in your traditional ‘Conjuring’ movie,” he said.

He added that his team was more than amenable to the desires of horror fans.

“I think horror audiences have been on this journey, this horror renaissance, where they’ve seen a lot of horror movies, they’ve seen a lot of violence. It’s something they wanted more of and we gladly gave it,” he continued.

Chaves, who previously directed 2021’s “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It,” also discussed how working on the popular horror franchise affects his sleep.

“My ‘Conjuring’ nightmares usually center around the logistics of work and schedule,” he said. “Even with a great schedule and an amazing crew, it still seems like you never quite have enough time and my dreams usually center around that.”

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