My boyfriend cheated – I'm exposing him on Christmas Day

My long-term boyfriend is cheating on me – I’m going to expose him on Christmas Day in front of his family

  • A Redditer wanted to know if it’d be wrong to carry out a Christmas revenge plot
  • The idea would be to reveal the boyfriend as a cheater in front of his family 
  • Most agreed that it would not be worth the trouble – and branded her an ‘a**hole’

A scorned lover has candidly revealed her plan for getting revenge on her unfaithful, long-term boyfriend.

‘Would I be the a**hole if I expose my boyfriend for cheating on Christmas?’ user u/tthheoo titled a post on Reddit’s r/AITAH forum, where users solicit opinions from other users as to whether they are the ‘a**hole’ in a given situation.

‘Me and my boyfriend have been dating for about four years and out of those four we have been living together for one year,’ the US-based woman wrote.

‘Just recently I found out he was cheating on me,’ she continued. 

‘Would I be the a**hole if I expose my boyfriend for cheating on Christmas ?’ user u/tthheoo titled a post on Reddit ‘s r/AITAH forum (stock image) 

The individual’s idea for revenge was to expose the boyfriend as a cheater while opening presents at his family’s house

The post explained that while the boyfriend had cheated ‘once before in the past,’ he ‘swore up and down that it will never happen again.’

‘But here we are in the same situation,’ she lamented.

The woman then described that her boyfriend had been ‘really adamant’ about doing Christmas at his family’s house this year, so that had been their plan for how to spend the holidays.

As a Christmas present, the user had bought the boyfriend ‘concert tickets for an artist that I don’t really like but I wanted us to spend time as a couple on something that he really likes.’

However, she felt rather less keen about the loving gesture after finding out about his latest bout of infidelity. 

‘I was going to surprise him with the tickets for Christmas but now that I know he has been cheating on me I was planning on including screenshots of him cheating on me as a present too for him to open it in front of his family,’ she described of her grand revenge scheme.

‘Would I be the a**hole if I expose him to his family on Christmas while the family is opening presents?’ she concluded.

Thousands took to the comments to offer their takes on the situation – with most telling the individual ‘YWBTA’ – short for ‘you would be the a**hole.’ 

Most agreed that the individual would be the a**hole for executing the revenge plot – and many suggested it’d be better to end the relationship and spend Christmas with their own family

‘Eh…YWBTA (To yourself and both your families),’ read one top-voted comment.

‘Don’t waste 12 more days of your life and miss out on Christmas with your family. Break up, send his parents a text letting them know why you are not coming for Christmas. 

‘Keep your tickets and sell them or invite someone else and send ex a 10-second video from the concert if you like,’ the comment continued before reassuringly concluding: ‘Merry Christmas. Next year will be better.’

‘Just leave him,’ agreed someone else, with another response chiming, ‘Before Christmas and spend it with your family.’

‘YWBTA if you went through that trouble and ruined not only their Christmas but also your own. You can still have a nice Christmas with your parents without him. Resell the tickets and treat yourself after you’re disentangled with the cheater.’ 

To this, a commenter voiced their agreement: ‘Although it’s fun and rewarding to think about wrecking his Christmas in a big way, this is the answer.

And a third added: ‘I got a piece of advice once: don’t be an a**hole unless it gets you something. It almost always costs something, so use that power wisely.’

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