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SHOPPERS are getting their skates on to grab a pink plant that can banish mould from your home.

Mould can become more of an issue around the country as the colder weather means people keep their windows closed which allows condensation to spread.

There are a number of ways homeowners can get rid of the fungi but getting a colourful plant is an easy way to do it and doesn’t involve endless scrubbing with cleaners.

Savvy Dunelm customers are currently snapping up Boston Ferns which the retailer is selling from £22 each.

The price will vary though depending on the size of the plant.

If pink isn’t your colour it is available in five different colours, including mint and navy.

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Standard delivery will set you back £3.95 while the item isn't available for click and collect.

One major perk of the Boston Fern is that it's suitable for pet owners and families with small children.

The pot is made from recycled plastic too so you'll be helping the planet in more ways than one snapping it up.

The plant typically grows up to a height of 90cm, although they can get bigger, so it’s ideal sitting on a shelf or bookcase.

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Experts say it should be placed indoors in bright, indirect sunlight away from drafty doors and heating vents.

If a Boston Fern doesn’t appeal, there are other plants that also help battle mould including English Ivy, Aloe Vera and Peace Lily.

Anyone not green-fingered can get to grips with tackling mould in a number of ways, that don’t cost the earth.

A cleaning expert previously revealed how you can use white vinegar, on sale on Asda's website for just £1.30.

The acetic acid in the liquid makes it perfect for killing mould – but make sure you buy one with five to six per cent of the acid inside.

Alternatively, you can just opt for anti-fungal spray too, or if you're looking to stop mould in your bathroom you could try adhesive sealant.

The four hidden mould hotspots around the home were revealed earlier this month.

Tell-tale signs you need to look out for include black, white or green patches appearing slowly on ceilings, walls or tiles, along with a musty smell, making the home uncomfortable.

Not only is mould unsightly, it can also cause a range of different health conditions, including respiratory issues and headaches.

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