Jake Paul Offers NBA Star Draymond Green $10 Million To Fight

Jake Paul is willing to fork over some serious cash in order to entice Draymond Green to fight. The former YouTuber has offered the basketball star $10 million to get in the boxing ring.

On Wednesday, a video was released of Draymond punching his Golden State Warriors teammate Jordan Pool over during practice. The clip shows the duo trash talking each other before Draymond takes a swing, knocking Jordan to the ground. Draymond can be seen standing over his teammate after he toppled over before coaches intervene.

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However, things seemed to be okay between Draymond and Jordan, as they continued practice. The San Francisco police department has also confirmed they’re not investigating.

The team’s general manager Bob Myers also addressed the incident but downplayed the severity.

“These things happen. Nobody likes it. We don’t condone it, but it happens,” he explained. “Draymond apologized to the team. Jordan was there in the room […] as far as any suspension, punishment, fine, we will handle that internally.”

Not only has the video caught the attention of fans, but also of Jake Paul. The social media sensation was quick to go online to say he’s hoping to see the athlete throw a few punches in the ring.

“Gotta get Draymond Green in the boxing ring,” Jake tweeted.

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However, Jake doesn’t seem to be interested in fighting Draymond himself. Rather, he suggested a different opponent. “Draymond Green vs Deron Williams. Who wins?” he tweeted.

Jake followed the post up by saying he’s ready to offer Draymond eight figures to make it happen. “Draymond I got $10 million for you to get in the ring on the next Most Valuable Promotions pay per view. Who you want?” he tweeted.

He also added that should he and Draymond ever face each other, he’s confident he’d knock the NBA star out in the first round.

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Jake has had trouble finding willing opponents himself, and huge fortunes have been thrown around in hopes of finding him a challenger.

In August, Rick Ross offered up $10 million to anyone willing to fight Jake, after the boxer’s last few opponents (including Hasim Rahman Jr. and Tommy Fury) had backed out.

“Since everyone seems to be afraid to fight @jakepaul I’m down to put another 10million on top to make the right match happen. What fight would you want to see?” Rick wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of himself and Jake.

So far, Jordan hasn’t responded to Jake’s generous offer to get in the ring.

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