‘People are so scared of my tattoos that I hide in bush when trick or treating’

A mum 'addicted' to tattoos claimed she has to 'hide in a bush' while taking her kids trick or treating.

Melissa Sloan, from Wales, says her extreme inkings scare strangers. So to avoid leaving locals screaming in terror, she plans to hide in a bush when she takes her children out this week.

The 46-year-old – who lives with her two youngest children, Summer, nine and Autumn, 11 – has even been excluded from spooky parties. So she plans to keep her 800 plus tattoos well hidden during the celebration.

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Melissa exclusively told us: "Yeah I would’ve been [scared] because their reaction, it’s shocking to some people. It’s shocking people can’t accept it, the scribble on people’s faces [they say] 'oh my gosh'.

"But, I’m going to take my kids trick or treating but I’ll hide in a bush. I’m just weird and crazy, I would go to the door with them but they say 'stay back mum'. But, they’re old enough now so I don’t want to be babying them do I!"

The tattoo-obsessed mum isn't expecting any trick or treaters at her own door. Sadly, Melissa shared that no children bother to knock on her house for Halloween goodie.

People call her residence 'crazy Melissa's house'. She often sees people stop and stare at her house – so kids and parents will be avoiding it this spooky season.

Thankfully, Melissa isn't too fussed though. It saves her money as she won't have to buy sweets for the children in the neighbourhood.

"Kids don’t knock my door," Melissa revealed. "They never come here. I don’t know why but probably ‘it’s crazy Melissa’s house’. We don’t get anyone knocking on this door.

"In a way it’s good because we don’t have to buy sweets and that but, oh well never mind! They just never come here. They do know it’s my house because when people do go past the house, I’ve got a camera, and people in this street all know me – obviously.

"They look at my house all the time when they go past and I say to Luke, why do people stare at my house? It’s crazy."

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Melissa has been getting inked for more than half of her life and won't stop until every crevice is covered – including taking a 'gamble' on her eyeballs.

She's now built up three layers of art on her face – and gets inked at least three times a week by her partner Luke. She will even get etched in the middle of the night if she has the urge to do so.

But, her penchant for the DIY designs has left Melissa excluded from parts of society. As well as missing out on Halloween fun, she's been 'forced' to watch her children's nativity play from the window. And finding a driving instructor has proven tricky too.

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