Kerry Katona – ‘My tree is going up on November 1st – it’s our last Xmas in the UK’

Kerry Katona is getting into the Christmas spirit early this year as she vows to put her tree and decorations up on November 1st, skipping out on the Halloween celebrations.

While the mother-of-five is usually a big fan of spooky season, this year, she's not up for hosting a big bash. Writing in her weekly column, she shared: "I usually go all out for Halloween and go to town with decorations – as you can see from the pic! But for the first time ever, I didn’t do anything this year. Hosting is a lot of work.

"However, my Christmas decorations will be going up on November 1st. I can’t wait. I’m working all of December so if I put them up then, I won’t be at home to enjoy them."

Previously dubbing Halloween her 'favourite time' of year, Kerry is known for dressing up with the family and hosting a big bash for the holiday.

But looking to make the most of Christmas this year, she added: "I want to be able to really get into the Christmas spirit and feel festive, so I’ll spend November doing that. Especially as it’ll be our last Christmas before we move to Spain."

Hoping for a summer 2024 move, Kerry and her fiancé Ryan have decided to relocate to Marbella – swapping their Cheshire manor for a sunny villa.

Spending time in Marbella recently, the couple went house hunting to get an idea ahead of the move, as Kerry explained: "It’s nice to get a feel for the areas and places we want to move to though. I love England and I love the English but I hate the weather, it makes me feel so much better being out here.

"I’m looking forward to moving out here because at the moment, I live out of a suitcase and am paying for a house that I’m never at in the UK."

Kerry is mum to kids Molly, 22, Lilly, 20, Heidi, 16, Max, 15, and DJ, nine, and has admitted that the move will be easier now that her children are older.

Recently making the decision to home-school Max, who has 'severe ADHD', DJ and Heidi are now the only two who remain in school, with the latter finishing up next year.

While being in Spain also 'relaxes' the star, helping her mental and physical health since she was diagnosed with Scoliosis back in July.

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