‘I was fired from 9-5 job over racy snaps – but now rake in £6k a day’

A racy content creator was fired from her 9-5 job when they found out she was selling sexy snaps and videos.

But Annie Knight is now having the last laugh – as she's making $7000 (£5,600) a day from her risqué career.

The blonde bombshell became one of Australia's most popular content creators – and it's certainly reflected in her bank balance!

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Annie used to be former marketing manager at a prominent shopping centre.

However, she was unexpectedly terminated from her position after they found out about her racy side hustle.

She was initially devastated by the decision, saying: “It felt like the world had turned its back on me, simply because I chose a side gig that was non-traditional."

However, rather than let the situation break her, Annie chose to turn it into a positive.

She dove headfirst into content creation on OnlyFans and now earns an impressive $7,000 a day – providing for herself in ways she never thought possible.

Building on her newfound fame, Knight launched 'Double Dose the Podcast', a platform where she shares her adventurous journey, experiences, and the ups and downs of her OnlyFans career.

It aims to de-stigmatise and shed light on the industry while providing valuable insights for those interested in pursuing similar paths.

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“Life has a funny way of showing us where we're meant to be,” Annie said.

“This experience has allowed me to reconnect with myself and find a purpose I never knew I had.”

Annie currently does not maintain any ties with her former employers and chooses to look forward and build upon her ever-growing empire.

Annie's latest revelation comes after she confessed she'd slept with 300 people in just 12 months back in July this year.

This earned her the nickname of 'Australia's most sexually-active woman'.

Annie then went onto share some of her strangest custom video requests she gets from her subscribers on TikTok, including reading out a three-page essay and pretending to be a man.

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