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MANY of us are starting to feel the first bite of winter as temperatures have quickly started to plummet. 

Households are grappling with a very important question at the moment whether or not to put the heating on.

Energy prices are still pretty high so most of us are putting off turning on the heating until we really need it but even that can lead to problems. 

It’s around this time of year when we start to see condensation buildup in homes as a result of colder weather and this can lead to other problems like damp and mould.

Experts usually advise you to keep your heating on and allow a good amount of airflow in your homes with the windows open to combat this. 

But that’s not great for someone who is looking to keep the energy bills low.

However, there is a £3.25 gadget that people are turning to keep the heat in and keep condensation out. 

Window insulation kits are ideal if you don’t have double glazing and are looking to avoid draughts this winter. 

They are fairly easy to install, first, you line your windows with double-sided tape, then you cover your window with the plastic film connecting it to the tape.

At this point, your plastic should be loose, so your final step is to shrink and seal the plastic with a hair dryer so it fits snugly to your window.

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The plastic film now creates a trap for the air between your window and the film, this should stop draughts coming in through your window and stop the build-up of condensation.

On Amazon, you can find a wide range of home window insulation kits, with prices starting from as little as £3.25 but some are a bit pricier like the £7.99 two-pack insulation kits from B&Q.

At Wickes, they cost £6.50 and customers were very impressed with them. 

One shopper said: “Good buy. Well priced, and quite easy to install. A good amount of double-sided tape is included. Quite effective but make sure it's airtight when installing and there are no edges not fixed in place.”

Another said: “Purchased this as a last resort to deal with the momentous amount of condensation I was dealing with every day! Didn't hold out much hope but was pleasantly surprised. This has made a massive difference and would highly recommend.”

Make sure you shop around to find the best deal on window insulation kits and take into consideration how many windows you will need them for. 

Other ways to insulate your home

There are a couple of other tricks you can use to insulate your home. 

Consider getting a dehumidifier to trap extra moisture in your home if you are looking to avoid dampness and mould. 

Prices start from £1 but you can get electrical ones as well. 

Loft insulation is also very important as it can stop heat escaping, therefore slashing your heating bill.

You can buy insulation from all local builder merchants or retailers such as B&Q and Wickes.

Draught excluders are another great hack, they stop cold air coming in from underneath draughty doors. 

You can get some for as little as a fiver in most stores but a thick blanket rolled up will work just as well.

Other things that can help include not leaving your clothes to dry on radiators, and always cooking with ventilation.

In extreme cases of damp and mould, it’s best to keep the windows open to allow airflow, consider using an anti-mould treatment to tackle the problem.  

You can seek out an expert and if you are renting speak to your landlord about fixing the issue.

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In other news, shoppers are rushing to buy a £1 gadget to avoid putting the heating on and it costs nothing to run.

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