CLUB120 — Supplement and Vitamin store


CLUB120 — Supplement and Vitamin store

In recent years, an increasing number of people strain after preserving their health, beauty and active longevity. Scientists have proved that the biological life expectancy embedded in human by nature is at least 120 years. However, due to indifference towards their body and ignoring harmful external factors, people themselves often shorten this period. Therefore, purpose of the CLUB120 company and it’s created electronic platform ( is to unite around those who are ready, revealing their reserve capabilities, to challenge aging and diseases that destroy us.

Worldwide reputed geneticists and experts in the field of anti-aging medicine work extensively in the Club. They are involved in the development of medicines that can strengthen our systems and organs, help rejuvenate skin and body cells, defeat incurable diseases and increase the resource of our life. The dietary supplement offered in the catalog are of high quality, and their effectiveness has already been tested out, which is reflected in customer reviews.

The CLUB120 store has healthy dietary supplement and peptide bioregulators, restore peptide cosmetics and vitamin. Effectiveness of each unit of the proposed medicines has been scientifically proven, but we continue to closely monitor the emerging advanced developments in the industry of interest, and introduce positively proven products. To distribute them, the company created distribution centers in Europe and Asia.

Importance of peptide exposure

Peptides are natural regulators that coordinate the work of all systems of the human body. It is they who deliver information to cells and stimulate certain transformations in them. Therefore, they are considered the main building material of any organs of living beings. Peptides consist of amino acid residues and, depending on the length of the molecular chain, are long or short. Their properties are similar, but short peptide is more easily absorbed, penetrated into the blood and delivered to it as intended.

Using the findings of Professor Khavinson, scientists have found that for the normal functioning of any organic system, a certain concentration of corresponding peptides must be maintained in it. The active development of genetics contributed to the creation of artificial regulators, not inferior, and sometimes superior in their properties to natural analogues. Based on them, pharmacists make biologically active dietary supplements (BADS), therapeutic and restorative cosmetics, vitamins. In these forms, people can apply them in reasonable quantities without additional examinations, although the corresponding recommendation of the specialist is better obtained.

Peptide dietary supplements

Body rejuvenating supplements such as EPITALON or STRESSFOLL can already be found in drug stores. It is believed that their use is not dangerous, and does not harm the body. But it should be remembered that each human system or organ uses its own bioregulator. It is responsible for the synthesis of a protein that ensures the full development and functioning of cells, stimulates the production of hormones, and helps resist viral intrusions.

AYORI brand cosmetics

Since peptides regulate the biochemical processes in the body and are subject to the preservation of cellular activity, their role in cosmetology is increasing. Special cosmetics brands have already been created, which include these most useful products for skin. Modern manufacturers add peptides to creams, serums and other cosmetics.

The CLUB120 store features a popular cosmetic brand — AYORI. This store also has PAN VILON regenerating cream.

The CLUB120 company is the official distributor of modern products for health and beauty, which have scientifically proven effectiveness.

Come into CLUB120 and manage your own health!