You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the sneaky snow leopard lurking in the mountains in less than 10 seconds | The Sun

ONLY people with perfect vision have been able to see the snow leopard lurking in the mountains.

The predator is almost completely invisible, with few people able to spot it against the landscape.

The photo was taken by Australian wildlife photographer Bobby-Jo Vial, while he was visiting Kibber National Park in India.

Vial followed the leopard for three days, capturing a myriad of photos during his trip.

The photo began circling on Reddit, leaving many stumped about where the predator was in the photo.

One said: "Leopards aren't colored that way for decoration; it's literal camouflage."

Another one said:" I cannot overstate how absolutely intentional this camouflage is.

"Like tens of thousands of years in the making kind of camouflage."

In order to find the sneaky feline, focus your eyes on the center of the photograph, and you should see him perfectly.

Once you catch the snow leopard in the mountain, see if you can spot another one trying to catch its prey.

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In this photograph, the snow leopard almost disappears when it's against its surroundings, making it hard for anyone to spot it at first glance.

The image was captured by Fabio Nodari, an Italian travel photographer, while he was in Sichuan Province, China.

Fabio explains: "Many people are surprised that I actually had the chance to see one in real life. They are extremely difficult to spot due to the remoteness of the places they live in and the fact that only a few thousand of them are left.

"When it comes to spotting rare wildlife, the secret is finding a local guide who is familiar with the environment. In China, this is particularly important because the guide will also help to deal with the local people who are often suspicious of foreigners."

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