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A WOMAN has spoken out on what it’s really like to live and work on a yacht, revealing you could make an extra £40,000 in tips in one year. 

Emery Wallerich often uses her social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, to give people an in depth look at life on the sea. 

From giving a tour of the yachts she works on to what her responsibilities include, she doesn’t hold back information. 

Sharing how she first got into the industry, she explained in one clip: “I was about to graduate from college having absolutely no idea what I wanted to do…” 

At the time, she was working as an intern at an office and found she didn’t enjoy it at all. 

A week before graduating, her mum spoke to a pal who had been in the yachting industry for several years. 

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“My mom started talking to her about what she did, where she travels and actually my mom was the one who was like, ‘this sounds awesome,'" she shared. 

Her mum initially instructed her pal not to tell her two daughters as she knew Emery would immediately jump at the chance to do it. 

But, she eventually “came to her senses” and told Emery about it. 

“As soon as I graduated, I went and got my courses done in Seattle and about a week later I got my first job over in Canada. I did not have any experience… You don’t need experience. 

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“Here we are four and a half years later…” 

According to the YPI Crew you need a few qualifications in order to work on a yacht, which sits under the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) umbrella. 

The courses you need to take are: personal survival techniques, fire fighting and fire prevention, elementary first aid, personal safety and social responsibility and proficiency in security awareness. 

The STCW certificate is valid for five years after completion, after this you’ll have to take a refresher course. 

There are other courses available, but it’s important to ensure they are either by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).

You also need a Seafarers Medical Certificate, which is a test performed to establish whether your health and your level of fitness allows you to work at sea. The most popular one is the ENG1, which is valid for two years. 

In another video on Emery’s TikTok page (@thatyachtiegirl), she answered a question about when the best time to apply for jobs is. 

“Something that a lot of people don’t realise is there’s specific months that are better to apply to yacht jobs than others,” she said. 

Qualifications You Need

You need to get your Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) qualifications before working on a yacht.

  • Personal survival techniques
  • Fire fighting and fire prevention
  • Elementary first aid
  • Personal safety and social responsibility
  • Proficiency in security awareness

“What you need to remember is May to September is summer season and November to April is winter season. 

“So yacht programmes generally aren’t looking for new crew during this time. The months that programmes will actively be looking is September to October and April to May.

“We call these transition periods and are the best times to apply.” 

In another clip, she addressed the common question of whether working in the industry is like the Netflix show Below Deck. 

While she once thought it was nothing like the popular TV show, she’s since had a change of heart. 

“Once I got further into my career… My god. Hear me out,” she said. “Is there as much daily drama on board as there is in Below Deck? No. 

“Have I worked in drama that would blow Below Deck out of the water? Yes.” 

She also shared a few interesting facts you should know before heading into the yachting industry. 

Emery explained one thing that surprised her was how small the crew is usually and added you should bring half of what you want to in your suitcase as you probably won’t need the majority. 

The second thing that caught her by surprise is how much travel actually goes into the job. 

“It’s become a joke with my friends because they don’t know whether to text me or WhatsApp me because they don’t know if I’m in the country or not,” she said.

She then warned people there’s a good chance you won’t be able to go back home for the holidays if you’re in this industry. 

Emery added it’s an odd concept that you move in with complete strangers and live with them in close quarters. 

While fun, she said it initially took her by surprise when she joined the industry. 

However, one thing Emery said was an incredible once you’re in the industry is the huge tips you can get. 

“It’s no secret that yacht crew makes good salary while being able to save most of it,” she said in one video. 

“But what isn’t talked about as much is how much you can make in tips on a charter vessel.” 

Emery said the two main factors that come into play when crew are tipped are how much the vessel characters for per week and how well the service and trip was. 

Speaking about one of the most famous charter vessels, Party Girl, she said: “At 62 metres or 205 feet, chartering the super yacht for a week in peak season will cost around $540,000 (£439k) with 18 crew. 

“If guests decide on 15 percent tip, crew would be getting around $4,500 (£3,666) in tips…

“Depending on how many charters you have a year, some charter crew can be taking home an extra $50,000 (£40k) a year in tips on top of salary.” 

According to YPI Crew, the salary of a deckhand can vary between £2,333 per month to £3,500 – all before tips.


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People have been left amazed with Emery’s insight into the yachting industry. 

“What I would do to live on a yacht,” one person shared as another posted: “I'm only 13 but this is definitely my dream job”. 

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