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AS we head into autumn, it’s the perfect time to give your wardrobe a bit of a sort out, stashing away the summer bits and taking stock of what you need for the colder months ahead. 

And one domestic whizz has helpfully compiled all the storage tips you need to know, to help get your space looking clean and organised. 

Chantel Mila, who posts on social media using the handle @Mama_Mila_, is an Australian lifestyle guru who shares everything from cleaning hacks to DIY tips with her 1.4 million TikTok followers. 

In a recent clip, she informed viewers of the “five wardrobe storage hacks you’ll wish you knew sooner”. 

Her first tip is to “loop your jeans belt buckle around a hanger” to store them like at a store. 

It means that you can fold them over the holder without the annoyance of them continuously sliding to one side and dragging along the bottom of the wardrobe or falling off into a heap. 

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Secondly, she has an easy hack for storing long dresses in a short wardrobe by “using a second hanger”. 

You simply attach the dress’s top to the first, as you would normally, because draping the lower half over the second, which should give an almost concertina effect and mean the garment doesn’t drag along the wardrobe’s base. 

Her third nifty trick is to do with jumper storage, perfect for those who know the pain of hauling everything out to look for the one we’re after, only to return home after work to a pile of crumpled clothes to sort out. 

To resolve this, neatly fold your jumpers before storing them vertically, rather than horizontally. 

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Using this method means you can at a glance see where each specific item is, and also means you can spot if anything needs to be refolded to avoid it creasing. 

Her fourth piece of advice is for those hoping to avoid the ugly shoulder bumps that your jumpers get where the edges of the hanger dig into the garment. 

Chantel suggests you should instead fold your jumpers around the hanger: place the body and one arm of the jumper on each side of the hook, before tucking both through the lower bit. 

You should end up with your sweater hung neatly over the top of the hanger, without any parts being tugged in a way that would leave marks. 

Her fifth genius hack involves keeping the ring pulls from the top of your drinks cans, because they can be used to instantly upgrade your storage space. 

Place the small hole in the pull over the hook of one hanger, and then place the hook of another hanger in the larger hole. 

You’ll end up with two conjoined hangers, perfect for storing sets or for those looking to maximise closet space. 

Chantel’s handy video racked up 115k views, with her asking fans in the comments: “Which one will you try first?” 

And it’s not the only one of the all-things-home buff’s tips that have sent users into overdrive over the past few weeks. 



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