Vogue Williams says ‘people aren’t kind anymore’ as she’s cruelly skinny-shamed by trolls

During her Spanish holiday last month, Vogue Williams was cruelly skinny-shamed by trolls as she modelled her M&S black swimsuit – and the star has since opened up about the online attacks.

The 37 year old model and mum of three spoke about the incident that even led to the high street brand jumping to her defence, with the TV personality saying that 'people aren't kind anymore.'

With the nasty comments ranging from 'too thin' to one troll even saying: 'Shocking advertising #promote body positivity,' Vogue told The Sun: "I would never in a million years say anything negative to anyone online because I don't know them.

"People aren't kind. We went through a stage where everyone wanted to be kind to each other but now it's not".

Vogue, who also looked stunning in a blue bikini on her trip, acknowledged that she can never please everyone and is often on the receiving end of hurtful comments online.

She added that her 'weight doesn't actually fluctuate' and that she 'doesn't diet but trains a lot.'

When the pictures were uploaded to Marks & Spencer's Instagram and some nasty comments were made, the clothing store jumped in and defended Vogue, commenting: "A kind reminder to our followers that we use our platform in a positive way.

"We're proud to represent and celebrate people of all shapes and sizes. We won't tolerate any unkind or negative comments and anything unacceptable will be deleted. Let's all continue to uplift one another. Love M&S x."

Thankfully, this brought to light Vogue's lovely fans who appreciate her for who she is.

One said: "Real women come in all sizes and shapes, it's incredibly sad to see comments body shaming other peoples bodies' and 'I think she looks amazing, gorgeous family."

Another added: "She looks great. Women come in shapes and sizes and all women are 'real' and 'normal' no matter their size."

From trolls to ghosts, Vogue, who is married to former Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews, recently surprised fans on Really channel's Spooked Ireland, which showcased on Friday at 9pm.

The star embraced the paranormal after a psychic correctly predicted her pregnancy with daughter Gigi.

In the brand new series which has fans hooked, she teamed up with top US medium Chris Fleming to investigate reports of supernatural incidents across Ireland.

Speaking about her last tarot reading, Vogue told viewers that a psychic told her she was pregnant, but she was certain this wasn't true – insisting she had recently done a pregnancy test – but the psychic continued: "Well, I think you're pregnant with a girl."

Vogue continued: "I said, 'OK, I’m not. That’s the end of that.' And then a week later I found out I was pregnant with Gigi!"

She has three children with Spencer – Theodore, four, Gigi, three, and baby Otto.

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