Fans Think Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Vampire’ Is Actually About Adam Faze, But We’ve Got Bad News

Olivia Rodrigo‘s “vampire” has been stumping fans all summer long.

The ballad arrived in July and started a wild hunt as people tried to determine who was the “fame f-cker” the 20-year-old was singing about.

A new viral theory is suggesting that the song is actually about her ex Adam Faze. Some fans have even found potential evidence to back the claim up. However, there is a reason that we can say someone else inspired the somber track.

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A viral TikTok found a post on Adam‘s Instagram account from 2021. Olivia left a comment on it that referred to him as a “vampire,” giving some fans enough to believe that their time together laid the groundwork for a chart-topping single.

However, the comment is no longer visible on Adam‘s post. Additionally, a source told People outright that he did not inspire the song earlier this year.

Apparently, “vampire” is still a mystery. If you missed it, another rumored subject spoke out earlier this week.

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