Kysre Gondrezick Slams 'False Narrative' In Kevin Porter Jr. Case, Calls Out D.A.

WNBA player Kysre Gondrezick is raising hell, calling out prosecutors involved in Kevin Porter Jr.‘s assault case … saying the District Attorney continues to push a “false narrative” despite the fact she’s repeatedly denied her ex-boyfriend attacked her.

TMZ Sports spoke with Gondrezick this week … and she claims the Manhattan D.A.’s office’s handling of the September incident has “compounded my trauma even more than the actual experience.”

The 26-year-old tells us she gave officials a statement one week after Porter was arrested and explained the original criminal complaint was nowhere near what happened. Now, she wants the D.A. to publicly acknowledge her side of the story … that she fell and hit her head after KPJ abruptly woke her up after a night out. She’s adamant he never struck her.

As we previously reported, KPJ was accused of hitting Gondrezick multiple times and putting his hands around her neck — resulting in a fractured neck vertebra and a laceration above her eye.

It was later revealed the neck ailment was NOT Porter’s doing, as it was a pre-existing injury.

As for the laceration, Gondrezick says it was the result of the fall, and a makeup smear on the hotel room wall backs up her story.

KPJ was arrested for assault and strangulation … but one charge was dropped due to “insufficient evidence.”

Gondrezick says she is opening up to protect herself — not KPJ — as she does not want authorities to silence her. She’s also calling on officials responsible for pushing the current narrative to be held accountable.

Gondrezick’s attorney, Bobby Altchiler, also weighed in … and he claims his client has been receiving death threats due to the mishandling of the case — calling it unethical and immoral to not correct the information that is already out.

Bottom line — Altchiler reiterated exactly what Gondrezick wants.

“Just be honest, for God’s sake.”

KPJ is due in court later this month.

We reached out to the Manhattan DA’s office for comment … but so far, no word back.

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