Prince Harry will appear on a German sports talk-show to promote Invictus

It truly just occurred to the Daily Mail that Prince Harry will be doing interviews and media to promote the Dusseldorf Invictus Games. They’re currently freaking out about Harry doing stuff with the German media, but keep your eye on whether he also does some American and British media too. At last year’s games, NBC sent Hoda Kotb to The Hague and she scored a huge, exclusive sit-down with Harry, an interview which made tons of news. The British media is still weeping about it, because Harry dared to suggest that his grandmother wasn’t being taken care of properly (she was not). Well, we know some of Harry’s planned media in Germany:

Prince Harry is to take part in a German version of ‘Match of the Day’ to help promote the Invictus Games. He will be a guest on a late-night TV show which usually discuss and analyses the afternoon’s football in the German league, known as the Bundesliga. But rather than talking about the latest results involving Harry Kane’s new team Bayern Munich he will be discussing the Invictus Games which are being held in the city of Dusseldorf.

The Prince will be joined by the German defence minister Boris Pistorius for the live chat on Saturday night on the sport studio show. Three competitors from the games will also take part.

Harry is expected to fly by helicopter from to the ZDF studios in Mainz after the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games. The transport will be provided by the German military who are the hosts for the week-long event involving teams from 21 different countries.

During the TV studio chat Harry will be interviewed by hosts Katrin Muller- Hohenstein and Sven Voss about the event he created for wounded, injured and disabled veterans. In a nod to German viewers ZDF said the show, which goes out at 10pm UK time, will be offered with subtitles.

Harry is expected to arrive in Germany on Saturday morning and attend an event at Dusseldorf Town Hall where he will sign a ‘Golden Book’ reserved for VIP guests. A year ago, when he an Meghan visited the city they were mobbed by enthusiastic fans who took selfies with the couple. The adulation was before the publication of his controversial autobiography ’Spare’ where he took swipes at other members of the Royal family.

[From The Daily Mail]

“The adulation was before the publication of his controversial autobiography ’Spare’ where he took swipes at other members of the Royal family.” LMAO!!! The Mail thinks that German people will be like “oh, no, I don’t want to see Harry now that he’s written a bestselling memoir about how his family neglected and abused him.” They’re really going to have a complete meltdown when Harry gets yet another rock-star reception. Suddenly, they’ll be tying the Windsors to him and claiming that he’s only being treated like a rock star because he’s royal, because he’s the king’s son. Anyway, it’s cool that Harry is doing this German sports talk show. As I said, I imagine he’ll do lots of media. As for the helicopter… quick, tell me how Peg and Buttons are getting around France this weekend?

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