Jada Pinkett Smith Slams ‘Lies & Unwarranted Insults’ In Chris Rock Comedy Special: ‘That’s His Issue’

Jada Pinkett Smith has a bone to pick with Chris Rock.

Over a year and a half after Will Smith infamously slapped the s**t out of the comedian on live TV at the 2022 Oscars, tension between the two sides still hasn’t died all the way down. Over the weekend, Jada told the New York Times that Chris’ comments about her and her estranged husband in his March 2023 Netflix stand-up special, Selective Outrage, “hurt” her feelings — but really didn’t expand on that. Well, with the release of her memoir, Worthy, on Tuesday, we’ve gotten some more insight.

While the 52-year-old doesn’t mention the comedy show by name, in one passage of the new book, she writes:

“What do you do, say, if someone decides to make a comedy special full of lies and unwarranted insults? You love them as God does, and you say to yourself when people hurt that it could be they believe they will feel better if they lash out. Can I honestly say I’ve never been there? The answer is no. And that’s where compassion and well-wishing come in.”

Oof. You can read more about the specifics of what he said HERE.

The mother of two added that although she “wanted to hold onto resentments” after viewing the comedy special, she “learned that would hurt more than him.” She writes:

“ deserves my concern and my consideration despite how he may decide to drag me on stages. That’s his issue, not mine. From spirit to spirit, he is my brother.”

Well, we know that Chris is sick of being brought back into the drama, so hopefully they can all just agree to move on.

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