‘Heartstopper’ Intimacy Coordinator Breaks Down That Hilarious Hickey Scene in Season 2

Heartstopper packs so much heartwarming content into every episode, but things have also gotten a little steamy from time to time.

That steaminess was put on display in the show’s newly released second season when Kit Connor‘s character Nick accidentally gives Joe Locke‘s Charlie a hickey while kissing in their shared hotel room.

In a recent interview, the show’s intimacy coordinator broke down shooting the scene and the funny reactions after Charlie discovers it the next day.

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Speaking to Teen Vogue, intimacy coordinator David Thackeray revealed that the goal was to make the scene authentic.

“For me, the whole thing was, how can we make that motion believable so that we’re not questioning, ‘What’s he doing there? What’s happening there? Is he just snuggling into the neck? Is there a motion that we need to find?’ It is a little bit more technical, like, ‘Okay, maybe if you just move the head a little bit in this shot or [add] a little bit of tension…,’” he explained, adding, “But what sells [that moment] as well is Charlie’s reaction to the hickey, especially the reaction in the mirror of seeing it. And then, Tao’s [William Gao] reaction is just the best.”

On the topic of kissing scenes, David revealed that they put a lot of effort into bringing “a different quality” each time the couple shared a moment.

“Because otherwise you as an audience member would be like, ‘This is boring. This is just another kiss. What is this,’” he explained.

He continued, saying, “So it would be very much like, ‘Okay, they’re doing some homework together, and then suddenly who makes that first move? Is it a playful moment of kissing? You have a moment on the bed — is this more heated? Is it more open-mouthed? Is it a longer kiss? Is it a playful fight kind of thing? Is it a kiss on the head?’ It is always trying to find different ways of telling that story; it is basically showing a whole relationship in two minutes. It’s a lot!”

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